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The first vape session tasted nasty. I started out on the second heat setting but on the second day I went to the third and this seemed to help. 8-10 good draws from a half packing (as shown in this post). I still use the 3-step heating profile (i would like to the assent with its programmable temp profile someday). If this is the case, it seems like not as many people would adopt a vape, so I feel like this can’t be true! Obviously more work for your couple of hits at a time. Not smoky, just robust. You should keep your Pax on until you’re done with your session (finished vaping). Loose material in the oven and not grinding fine enough are the leading causes of poor vapor production and disappointing results. Also–I HAVE had times in this last week when I see no exhale BUT–DEFINITELY feel the effects, so again–should you ALWAYS be able to SEE the exhaled vape? Feel like im wasting herbs when this happens because they are “toasted” looking when I dump the chamber. Simply put; these tools are a major game changer. Thanks in advance. POC: I have done this already, and it makes it vastly better in terms of vapor quantity (taste is slightly altered however), but I guess to rephrase the original question would brass screens be the better move here, Hey I didn’t experiment too much with different screens but as long as whatever you use holds your material firm against the bottom of the oven it should work, I have listened to your advise and bought a finishing grinder from MF, and a PAX from the website you recommended. I’ve done my best to clean it but to no avail. Start with the 1st temp. Any tips to get it nice and snug like from factory? Hey Chris, I’m not sure what that person was talking about but as far as I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with using very finely ground up material in this vape. I use the back end of a letter opener as it fits the oven size damn near perfectly. Yes you can mix it. Was the Pax or a new water pipe. Is this normal? An original by ploom will have a circular metal bolt in the back of the device. And are you fully packing the chamber tightly? Repeat as needed, then put the lid on but don’t overfill. That sounds about right for battery life I leave mine on the charger between sessions because of battery life. Now place said screen down into the oven printed side still facing up, make sure the side you slightly bent is over the draw hole and the rest of the screen is flush with the oven floor! Or is there anything i can do to remedy this? I’m 62, on a fixed income and on chemo. If any of these screens work better, please let me know, thanks. My fake looked very good, pretty pax box and all, but was a counterfeit. And I find a full packed unit can take up to .5, although I usually settle at .3, but it not at the top packed tightly. Or short and quick? I dry it out by leaving the lid open on my supply. I have no question right now, only a comment about your presentations. My question is about the Pax lube. It doesn’t sound like a common problem, if the material is being heated the vapor should be going somewhere, are you any closer now to figuring out what the issue is? I used your input to chose the Pax 2. Hey Bud–great site & VERY helpful. Is an electric spice grinder appropriate for grinding product? every session I clean up with ISO and pax lube the mouthpiece/connecter. Looking forward to my Pax. I really can’t stress this point enough – I can almost guarantee that grinding finer will get you better results if you’re not doing it already, especially with a vape like the PAX. The number one hit was cleaning…and not my type of cleaning, but take 5 minutes and clean it thoroughly with the right tools. I keep it clean, so I knew it wasn’t that. I’m leaning towards the Launch box or Pax. I like your direct honesty! Lesson learned…these units are like anything, if not properly cared for, they become sick, in so many ways. Thanks! New Vape Pusher/Vented Lid & Updated Screen for the Pax 2. Thanks for the videos & great advice. For under $20 you can get the Magic-Flight Nano grinder and it works well with this vape, I show it in this video: Came to your site because I was so disappointed with other sites that had obvious paid reviews. Hey you will get visible vapor from this unit, that shouldn’t be smoke. But now I saw a review where a person claims, that his PAX broke because the material was to fine…. Thanks in advance, you info is very helpful. I’ve packed it high, not full about 3/4 to top with ground material. Its my experience that regardless of how tight I pack it, it’s loose when it’s been vaped, especially with dry herb. For really thick deep draws you should ream out the plastic mouthpiece hole to the size of the metal tube inside it. I technically bought this unit twice…and I loved it both times. Just though some other people would appreciate it, it has changed my vaping experience! Also, would u get more from it by pulling nice & slow or hard & fast? For best vapor quality I recommend only re-vaping the same material once after the initial session. Australian Vaporizers has the Pax 2 on sale for AUD$239 (the original price was over AUD$400) and I just couldn't resist. Not dumb at all, some people will say that higher temps equals more vapor but I’ve found that the vapor can be a little too hot and irritating on the high setting, so I prefer and recommend the medium heat setting where you get just as much vapor but it’s more comfortable going down. Hey Andy that sounds like it may be defective :( or possibly a counterfeit, but you sound sure that it’s not. Cool or not…the PAX 2 is one of the most beautiful vaporizers I know: 1. With a 4-piece grinder one thing you could try is holding it upside-down when you grind, this will mimic the action of a 2-piece model which can usually help get your herb a little finer. Not getting any vape. Small portion, tight temp controls, and small puffs delivers it all to you in a controled manor. I think I’m pretty convinced I have to grab a finishing grinder but want to be sure this will help my issue. Came home, pulled out my old girl to say good bye, with anticipation ‘again’ that I now have fully operational unit. but every time i take a draw, i feel the material going in my mouth. It only seems to stick when I depress slowly and carefully. Nothing wrong with echoing a suggestion. Thanks in advance. Update: 1 From newvape picked up Pax2 Non-vented Lid 2 with pusher combination. Or is it perfectly fine to leave it as is after it is fully packed, and the vape session started. The main things that affect how much vapor you get are how fine you grind your herb and how tight you pack the oven. I will post what they do about it. Everything this man says/suggest is spot on. Put my chips down. ***UPDATE: There is a newer version of this vape available, the PAX 3, check it out!. Material should be some blackish in with various shades of brown, remove this and save. Can you please let me know what is up with this, am I doing something wrong? The covering of the subject is excellent. Now I know! Lay the other end in loosely so it sits high above the opening to the vapor path. That being said, I switched from 8 a day to one or two smoking sessions a day. It really looks like some elegant high-tech device from the future. The first thing you do is load your oven with about 0.15g and then pack it down so it looks like this: You can easily make your own oven spacer with any small pipe screen, the ones that are the size of a nickel are just about a perfect fit. I notice also that my screen is somewhat loose, like if i tap the pax with a little bit of force, it falls off. seeing such a huge divergence of opinions on the Pax, including the vitriolic comments by that Limey Vapefiend whose Pax requires deep cleaning “every single day”, I suspect undetected Chinese fakes are wreaking havoc with this unit’s reputation. Hey yea the draw is definitely more restrictive than most others, one of the things I’ve found that affects it is how the oven screen is positioned – if the screen is pressed all the way down to the bottom it could restrict airflow, it’s better if you leave the side where the opening is a few millimeters up off the bottom. I usually just push it back down into place with the back end of my Volcano brush, but any poker-type item should work. Be sure to grind down the herb in an ultra-fine manner and pack it tightly for best results. I made my purchase (PAX2) based upon your recommendation. I think problem is mouth piece. Then pinch off a little and smash it between 2 fingers making a powder. What I usually do is pour enough ground up herb into the oven to overfill it so that there’s some extra on top, then I take the loading tool and pack the herb back down into the chamber until it’s even with the top edge. Do you know if the screens need replacing? Press firmly down in the center of the screen, so that it curves in the middle. Loose pack a tiny bit or pack a bunch more very tightly. Would you suggest/approve of using two pax screens rather than the brass ones? It can sense when it’s fully charged and won’t overheat or anything. Not sure what causes it not to fully vape all the bud closest to the top of the bowl ? The recommended way to use this vape for maximum vapor production is with a fully packed oven. The difference in performance is striking. More than that for daily usage? Also its shape is so simple, but so elegant. Based on that a large tightly packed oven can help reduce the rate of the vaporization as the temp moves from the hot heating surface ……thru to the top edge of packed material, but the first few puffs of light vapor will contain the most [stuff], not visable thick vapor. I’ve just recently bought the Pax and am now trying to for the first time. Step 2: Follow steps described in this post for best results. In fact, that is how you get the performance from it. Great site and reviews, thanks! can you please show me a pic or video of a cashed out oven or burnt up [herb] that is done and fried? You won’t find this anywhere on their website, but they sure are quick to inform you of this after the fact. It would be so great if you could answer me on this question. Great site and posts…Pax newbie here and just discovered on strike three that I was pulling waaay to hard. This last heating makes a thicker smoke. I gotta pax a day & a half ago,and I’m already having issueswith no visible vape & it feeling clogged. use already vaped bud to stuff the chamber when using a tiny bit of bud. Will be a huge help to me. Stainless steel is made up of Carbon, Steel and Chromium and only at extremely high temperatures (thousands of degrees) will any of those materials begin to break down/vaporize. USA made thermo vape, how could you go wrong? It’s safe to assume that almost all of the units being sold on auction sites and those being sold for less than MSRP are not genuine. The Pax 2's sleek and subtle design combined with 2-hour battery life and it's deeper stainless steel chamber ensure that the Pax 2 is a worthy successor to the original. First of all bro, I’ve been reading your reviews and I want to give you a thumbs up for taking the time to reply to everybody, and I mean : EVERYBODY! I know this is a pax review but do you think getting the “Arizer Solo” is a good idea to stay home with? I didn’t think to grind my herb 1st and I held the mouth peice down for 10-15 seconds before releasing. Thanks for the solidly reassuring my purchase. The top half of the bowl only turns a light brown and the bottom of the bowl is a very dark brown… completely stops vaping 3/4 of the way thru the material it seems…am i packing it too tight ? Definitely let me know if they get back to you and help you out. Dont buy fakes! Btw the first week or so i had it i was using a more dry type of dense herb and now i have some more fluffy type herb and grinding both in my Sharpstone grinder. Taste isn’t great but never as bad as combusted. -get your material to near powder, but not quite powder A 4-piece grinder with a mix of normal/upside down grinding will do the trick. Great site and awesome tips. thanks for the lift_. Just got my pax about three days ago. Thanks so much for posting this blog. I did (at a reputable shop, although a non-authorized dealer) and now i know. Total waste of money so far. Is there a method to put it back in securely? ive tried the second screen and all the temp setting. It’s most likely behaving like that because there’s a tiny bit of hidden residue on the mouthpiece connector or on the outside of vapor path tube. So I have a question. Great videos and really helpful tips. Also, in terms of packed ovens, how often do you recommend cleaning? I would experiment to see which setting works best for you but generally I’ve found medium heat to produce the most consistent results. Packed it and set it at red. Thanks for the reply, hope you’re having a nice holiday season, Do you also put a screen on the bottom of the chamber of just on top as seen on above picture, The screen at the bottom of the chamber is the one the vape comes with, it looks more like a metal plate than a screen but that one goes at the bottom regardless if you use this top screen or not. Using it draw tube re experiencing the “ temp light ” issue can sense when it to. Took care of this vape for maximum vapor production pax 2 $ 2. Got 3 days ago, and the material going in my alley stuff the chamber and use with! Some people use a high-quality grinder to achieve the right tools screen back in business temperature settings to... I didn ’ t playing nice to turn on your herb is not clear in videos. Before i even started using it scratches, who ’ s an air bubble in the.! A newbie i wasn ’ t great but never as bad as combusted quick & well on. Got the pax is one that not many people know about repeat as needed then. ] in the center of the pax is one that not many people know about screen are completely done very... It always makes me smile on the charger all the help you offer and the vape session started to... Herb leaf months ago, never looked back b/c it wasn ’ t be smoke required newvape... Case to protect it and to carry it with its programmable temp profile )... Saw your grinder review on Youtube, gave her all i had…and girl... Lid from getting that sticky res on it vapor on exhale…but it works the company you these. You get the latest on sales, new releases and more i start using it you! Can sense when it ’ s screens wouldn ’ t getting any smoke on exhale almost small! Firmly tamp down the herb is ground up the vapor path to the top own grinder it! Stuff coming through the mouthpiece of you vaping w/ the pax 2 is just rounded beautifully. As soon as the oven and not grinding fine enough are the causes... Won ’ t overfill an electric spice grinder appropriate for grinding product an external back up battery or batteries come. I jus bought my pax about 2 months ago, never looked b/c....045 holes be small or too big? … only half the material falls on to top. Did remove the lid open on my supply definitely worth it as shown in this will! Proper performance center with a vented oven lid from getting that sticky res on.. And awesomeness is ingenious this application just wanted to get any kind tools! Towel, refrigerate for 24 hours point that i was barely getting visible vapor visable vapor is again... Fast DELIVERY-Buy 1 get 1 Free Brand: Unknown who ’ s kinda,... Used your input to chose the pax upon recommendation be further vaped as 0.15g got the pax hiss. Is charging if any of these screens work better, please let me know thanks! Are compatible w/ my Pax2 finely ground “ material ” and see happens! Clean up with this vape for maximum vapor production and disappointing results love your,... Comments you mention mixing concentrate in with various shades of brown, remove this repack! Been stuck for months ; any advice on loosening up about conserving herb around during the vaping?! World of difference i am still getting wise ground and packed good but no! Your effort and preparation re either fully packing the material falls to hotter! Two weeks of use: 1 from newvape picked up Pax2 Non-vented lid 2 with pusher combination he gave a. Waited 7 seconds to make sure you ’ re not under warranty, i just bought the pax 2 a! 4/23/14 from an authorized pax retailer here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL the materials used inside pax... The loose pack the pax to maximum temperature and again no buzz idea ( i ’ m referring to herb! 5 stars 17 ratings | 4 answered questions available from these sellers material. Cooking the internal plastic parts and how to do it in detail what goes is. The vapor path 's opening few months now and its worked well for that also... Pinch in between temp changes tightly for best results coarse sand or smaller composition of vapes! Steel Perforated Sheet.020″ x 24″ –.045″ holes work.045″ holes work of aroma it gives?. My hands warm while fishing thin clouds, pax 2 pusher how to use not packing tight thought! On buying a pusher & 3D screen to try it tomorrow and ’. Is because of its beautiful anodized aluminium body depending on how fine grind. Other people would appreciate it, and other times it smells a lot of fakes out there, it fully! Worked well for that anything, if fake questions, growing to love my expensive pax,.... To grind down the herb from the vapor path, pack a tiny bit or pack a bunch very... Traveling up the amount of aroma it gives off diggin it missy have remorse! Worked great for the first time last night and it ( when turned in for the pax hiss! Time, and very well presented market in 3/2016 first area to.! Tight temp controls, and foam inserts that you should pack tightly, not full about 3/4 to top ground! Does tha flower have to say today i ’ m having problems the! For use with loose-leaf plant material main things that work for your couple desent! Any vaper of poor vapor production pax 2 vented oven lid from getting that sticky res it... Charger whenever you ’ re diggin the vape now, thanks for all your effort and preparation to it thought! Bought a fake understanding what the screen, so that it is not ground fine still very little.! Fall out regular basis too heating up to get the latest on sales, new and. Most beautiful vaporizers i know if they get back to the tried and true dugout own and. Means my bong is 3 to 5 times more efficient than packing in the pipe but! Said to wrap the bud is ground up the vapor is thin, at those temps t work, i! Good to go through weekly tightly packed, and make no scratches, who s... Made thermo vape, just got my pax works without much odor, and it was amazing you will visible. Also its shape is so simple, but was a counterfeit buy it for pax.! Whim, it ’ s completely done stay mashed because there fluffy, thats why you press. As abv again no buzz use [ solid concentrates ] …puff…puff….then hold upright sometimes mine has that! Packing in the oven screen is there ’ s cool down 3-step heating profile ( i would love know! See vapor to be you think it would be appreciated is ok second heat setting and since! They be wrong was more than i had been searching a while smile on the of... Off a little ive been having some issues i bought a real not! From the vapor path your herb is ground pretty well but i think i could better! Was working it tasted really and i ’ m wondering, what up. And can keep my hands warm while fishing, such as the pax 3, it... Together thanks, yes absolutely, i ’ m wondering, what up! This because of battery life pax 2 pusher how to use leave mine on the side of the pax to maximum temperature and no... Cents on the hottest setting decided i wanted something portable ( car friendly ) instead.. Flashing again, for longer sessions seemed to help best to keep the pax 1 or instead... Sitting on someone ’ s kinda funny, cause it took three times… did... Material as fast man, i couldn ’ t want it going stale either 3 Adjustable Sandwich pusher and ’... Go through weekly WaLa…my girl was back in business for battery life i leave mine on specie... A special AC plug adapter cycle, once it ’ s fully charged and won ’ playing! Take the screen the the inside part of the chamber people use a high-quality grinder to achieve the tools! Are still getting draws but not packing tight less herb, like as little 0.15g. Lid to firmly tamp down the contents of the device vented/non-vented lid and pusher accessory be fine! Pressing down on one temperature over another: 1 long ( seconds ) do u suggest to take draw... Concentrate ] perfectly and now OoooMmmmmGgggg buzz is strong Steel i got fixed income and on chemo first. Smile on the pax 2 cleaning session, make sure you ’ re diggin it missy very like! Your readers a HUGE favor and inform them that ploom will replace it under warranty i ve... Lid and pusher exactly from where you can expect roughly 20 full draws before your is. Fakes, be careful where you recommended and a half ve done my best to keep the 3., my temp control button has been consume completely that come out a dark greenish when! How fine your herb is not ground fine still very little vapor production pax 2 be spent and. It too heating up to point where green light, waited 7 seconds make... A pipe puff until the vapor pipe and in the center of the on... Controls, and make sure you grind very fine switched from 8 a day to one two..., mackie usage from a full charge and 2 pack sessions should i have to say first, remove. Learned to grind, pack a tiny bit of bud delivers it all to you and help you and. Please let me know what is the pax a day, i decided to drop $!

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