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When Yugi awoke, Joey revealed that he'd stolen back the box, and Yugi found out that it was an ancient puzzle, and he solved it to release Yami, who then got everybody out of the cave. In Battle City, Joey calls Yami Yugi the "true Duelist", and makes it his goal to become a Duelist worthy of Dueling Yami Yugi. He later beats Rex Raptor in a Duel, where he is not allowed to accept help from Yugi. Height: 1,78 m. Weight: 62 kg. Joey then went with Atem, Yugi, Tea, and Atem's friends to save Mana from Vivian. That night, Joey was worried since there was only one day left and Atem hadn't puckered up once. Joey slowly regained consciousness and afterwords dashes up the Duel Tower, catching the end of Yugi's Duel. Then Joey had to be held back when Tristan and Serenity held hands. The next morning, Joey tells Mana and Mahad that Yugi and Tea have a plan, and he leads them to where they are. He and Tristan then taught Atem about Hakuna Matata, and the three were as thick as thieves after eight years. Mai rushes and hugs him to stop him from falling, telling him she was sorry and that he was "the closest friend she ever had". None Type of Deck. Joey and Tristan then tried to stop Kisara from going up to the West Wing, which was forbidden, but she went up when they had their backs turned. [15] When Yami Yugi was unable to snap Joey out of Marik's brainwashing, Yugi took over[16] - Yami Yugi conceded that Yugi was closer to Joey than he was - and succeeded in bringing Joey back to his senses. Jonouchi became a street thug and hung out in Hirutani's … When Johnny was three, Yugi and Tea arrived at their house. Speaking of Time Wizard, Joey would often use the funny-looking clock to age-up his Baby Dragon and turn it into the Thousand Dragon. Jonouchi used to live with his sister, Shizuka and would walk all around town with her. Joey was later involved in a group hug by Yami. Weight An orphan like Yugi. He then learned that Mana had traded her voice to Vivian, the Dragon Lady to be a human. This is a reference to Kaiba once calling Joey a "Dueling monkey" in the dub. Joey then handed them two of the apples. Years later, Joey realized Tristan did this because he was a true friend who would never abandon Joey.[9]. When Tea was taken off by Yugi, Joey said good-bye, carrying on the Sultan act for fun, but when he bowed down, several of the apples fell out of his shirt, so he grabbed what he could and ran off with them. When Anubis arrived, Joey hid behind Yami as he knew he was no match for him. Duke wins, with Joey bitterly reflecting that the motivation to help his sister might have pushed him beyond what were otherwise his limits in Duelist Kingdom. Pegasus' reluctant dogboy. Japanese After Anubis' defeat, Joey mourned with the others until they found out Bakura was alive. That night, Joey then encouraged Kaiba that tonight was the night he'd confess his love to Kisara. Her friends and family Millennium Item. He started his acting profession doing stage work, introduced in the show's pilot episode by Monica and Chandler having seen Joey in a production of Pinocchio.Sometime prior to the start of the series, Joey also had appeared in a porn film, as a fully clothed extra. Joey's soul returns to his body after Yami's Duel with Dartz. This change is huge, considering that Baby Dragon has a meek 1200 ATK and 700 DEF. This makes him feel unworthy to be present at Serenity's operation. episode 1: "" Working together they defeat the Big Five. Name (Manga): Katauya Jonouchi. Like his pals, he has defeated many enemies in duels. Later in the series, his green jacket is replaced with a blue denim one. After Atem defeated Aknadin, Joey nearly puked when he kissed Mana. After arriving at the palace, Joey went off to give Mai her present. Alexander and his followers have a face-off against the friends, who all summon monsters they acquired throughout the trials. After that, Joey went along with Kisara and Tristan on a tour of the castle. In Yami Yugi's first duel with Yami Bakura, after Joey (Flame Swordsman) is sacrificed to destroy Yami Bakura's Man-Eater Bug via the effect of Yami Yugi's trap card, Horn of Heaven, Tea (Magician of Faith) - along with Tristan (Cyber Commander) and Yugi (Dark Magician) - is devastated and cries; thus, showing that she cares dearly for Joey. Contents. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [23], Although they were separated as kids when their parents divorced, Joey and Serenity care deeply for each other. Battered by abuse, he no longer sees any meaning in his life. X. Bien que parfois décrit comme comique, il est essentiel à l'intrigue et au thème général de la série. primarily known for his work for 4Kids Entertainment, Central Park Media, Media Blasters, NYAV Post, and DuArt Film & Video. His family opted to stay in the Human World to study humans when the Ka World was seperated from the Human World. [18][27] In Yami Yugi's first duel with Yami Bakura, after Joey (Flame Swordsman) is sacrificed to destroy Yami Bakura's Man-Eater Bug via the effect of Yami Yugi's trap card, Horn of Heaven, Tristan (Cyber Commander) - along with Yugi (Dark Magician) and Tea (Magician of Faith) - is devastated and states: "My best buddy's gone"; this implies that while Yugi is his best friend, Tristan is Joey's second best friend. Joey Wheeler "), always he successes with Time Wizard he says "¡toma ya! Through the course of the Duel, Mai comes to remember why she had once cared for Joey. But just as he's about to take the final step, his worst enemy Seto Kaiba gets in his way - and offers him a deal he can't refuse. He then gave the prince a book for Christmas which Seto didn't care for. Joey also heard Yugi's fight with Yami, and when Yugi shouted at Joey, he left. [26][23], Joey and Tristan are close friends. After most of the men were scared off, Joey did a victory dance with Tristan. manga, Joey's hairstyle changes drastically. During the pier duel, in the Japanese version, Yugi confesses, "Jounouchi, I love you." The next morning, Joey watched Tag's duel with Mel Tyrone after he kidnapped the two. Joey asked what was wrong, with a mouth full of sloppy joe, which earned him a telling-off by Mai. His eyes are brown. Here he wins Rex's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" card by betting "Time Wizard", as well as his "Dragon Nails". He later finds out Mai is working for Paradius and is set on using "The Seal of Orichalcos" to strip Joey of his soul. Birth Sign Scorpio. When Yami returned, he gave his suitcases to Joey and Tristan to take care of, and they fell to the ground. In the Virtual World arc, Joey uses Warrior monsters and raises their ATK with the ability of his Deck Master, "Flame Swordsman". "Daisuki da" is often used as a form of confessing love amongst couples. Mai appears midway through the Duel, telling Valon off for Dueling Joey because she wanted to be the one to defeat him. After Kaiba gives Yugi "Obelisk the Tormentor", because of the ante rule, Joey challenges Kaiba to a play off to determine 3rd and 4th place. Yami, Téa and Tristan arrive and take care of Joey's body. Select this result to view Joseph E Wheeler's phone number, address, and more. Age. When talking to people he doesn't like, Joey uses the word "teme" (a rude form of "you" in Japanese, often translated as "you bastard") instead of his normal "omae" (a form of "you" that in context is used between friends, but can imply that the person being spoken to has a lower status than the speaker does if used incorrectly), especially to Seto Kaiba, who does not think highly of Joey. After the Duel, Joey and his friends fly back home to Domino City. That was when Yugi and Tristan arrived. Joey then had some of Yami's cooking when Bakura appeared. Age. He went with Pegasus to Virginia. Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion, Yu-Gi-Oh! This change is huge, considering that Baby Dragon has a meek 1200 ATK and 700 DEF. PC manga, Joey's hairstyle changes drastically. Odion withdraws his winning move and tries to Summon "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to prove he was Marik. She holds back from attacking him when she is able to declare victory, but Joey collapses from exhaustion from his Duel with Valon and the Seal of Orichalcos begins to take his soul. Joey's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi. He then ended up captured by Anubis. Marik set the Duel such that each time a player destroyed one of their opponent's monsters, the opponent would forget everything about someone they knew. He is unable to unlock his own chains with Yugi's key. Joey prepared to go to Egypt, ala Sam Gamgee. Joey punches Yami for moping around and losing hope, and tells him to focus on saving Yugi. Education When Joey and Mai first meet, Mai cares only about winning and is rude to Joey. When Kaiba stormed to Kisara's room upon hearing that she refused to come down to dinner, Joey stood in the way to try and get Kaiba to calm down, but Kaiba just pushed him away. Kazuki Takahashi considers Seto Kaiba and Yami Yugi weak in comparison to Joey.[7]. Xbox He was preceded in death by his father, Jimmie Wheeler, on May 20, 2017. Joey's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi.In the first seven volumes of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Thousand Dragon, however, has ten centuries of experience that take all the way to 2400 ATK and 200 DEF. The next day, Joey was playing pool with Mahad and Yami when he accidentally sent the cue ball down Bakura's throat. The third result is Joey Wheeler age 30s in Bryson City, NC. 36 likes. He then witnessed Atem, Mana, and Torunka stop Vivian's sister Morgana from claiming the Scepter and watched her escape. [15] When Joey learns that Serenity needs money for an eye surgery, he enters the Duelist Kingdom tournament to win the money necessary to perform the surgery. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Joey Wheeler 4 King Dice 5 Death Battle 5.1 Fight 5.2 KO 6 Conclusion 7 Next Time It's Hero vs. In the Swedish dub of the anime his name is Katsuya Jonouchi, like in the original Japanese, but to fit 4Kids' edited script, he was given the nickname Jono. Blood Type: B. When he was asked by Tristan what he thought the stars were, Joey said that they were fire flies that got stuck in the sky. Yu-Gi-Oh! STATUE JOEY WHEELER - ARTFX 28CM : Catégorie: FIGURINE - PERSONNAGE : Informations produit; Marque : AUCUNE : Avertissement: Attention ! The two were separated at a very young age when their parents got divorced. God it's been years. Joey grabs a motorcycle that an Orichalcos Soldier had caused someone to fall off of and chases Valon. Joey's signature move during Duelist Kingdom was to use a combo of "Time Wizard" and "Baby Dragon" to weaken enemy monsters and aging "Baby Dragon" into "Thousand Dragon". ", Joey and Tristan used to bully Yugi, but after Yugi defended Joey and Tristan against Ushio, Joey and Yugi became very close friends. He accompanies Yugi throughout his adventures. joey wheeler age. They have also lived in Benson, NC and Clayton, NC. He said that it was used by humans to make music, and when he blew on it, he gaged as seaweed and mud came out, and Joey claimed he forgot to clean it out. In the dub, someone asks if the Duelist is Joey Wheeler. They then returned home. January 25, 1986 Gender. Portuguese After Seto Kaiba wins against Solomon Muto, Yugi's grandfather, and then rips up his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card, Joey spurs a bitter hatred of Kaiba. Despite losing the card, Joey goes on to defeat Espa Roba, who had just defeated the card's original owner, Rex Raptor. When Yugi cried that this was all his fault, Joey tried to comfort him, and together, they helped free Mahad, and when the pillar Mahad was trapped under began to roll over, and Yugi managed to make them safe, barely, Joey passed out with Tristan. Flame Swordsman Egyptian God Cards. Joey's first color appearance depicts him with medium brown hair and black eyes. They were both chained to an anchor which would drop after a time limit or when a players Life Points hit zero. Voice actors Joey later separates from the gang. Serenity wears light blue denim shorts and long white socks with blue sneakers. Joey then attacked a boy Mai was flirting with by poking his sword in the boy's rear end. He often carries a KaibaCorp Duel Disk on his left arm. Joey tried to pull a treasure chest to him with a wire, but he was found out. He is known as Joseph "Joey" Wheeler in the 4Kids dub and video games as well as the Brazilian and Portuguese version of the manga, and called Joseph "Joey" Katsuya in the Funimation Uncut dub. When Mana asked if Atem was dead, Joey checked his foot for a heartbeat until Mana exclaimed that he was breathing. Dad left Shizuka and herself with his best friend and fellow Knight of the Dawn at the age of six and Jou hasn't seen him since. Cependant, comme Seto Kaiba, Joey aime, beaucoup, prendre soin de sa sœur cadette, Serenity Wheeleret ferai tout pour la rendre heureuse. Odion then asks for Joey's forgiveness, and tells him that it had been an honor Dueling him, before falling into a coma, and watching as Yami Marik emerges. View Profile See their activity. He then told Kaiba to watch it when he made fun of Joey's intelligence... Again. One day, Joey was playing with a spy glass when Mana showed up with her friends. Vinnie Penna, (born September 22, 1974 in New York City, New York) better known under the stage name Wayne Grayson, is an American director and voice actor. 1 Portrayals 2 Appearances 2.1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Thunder, Frost's partner, also bears a resemblance to Joey. Once they arrived at the place where the box was, Joey saw a large ruby, and his kleptomania got the better of him, and he took it, but the cave began to collapse when Joey did this. He is apparently taken off guard by the unexpected transportation, and threatens to pummel its processors if he gets transported like that again. [32] However, over the course of the series, each individual shows concern, empathy, and/or respect for the other several times. She is also shown to be extremely trusting to the point of naivety, believing Tristan when he says, in an attempt to impress her during her recovery from her opera… Age: 16. He lived with both of his parents and little sister during his early childhood, when he learned that his little sister was born with a really bad serious eye sight problem. After Weevil tosses Yugi's "Exodia" cards overboard, Joey dives in to the water to rescue them, he manages to retrieve two of the cards, before Yugi dives in to rescue Joey. It usually consists of Warrior-Type monsters and later support for "Red-Eyes Black Dragon".. He attempted to get Tristan out when Atem arrived and saved them. He then solves a strange item called the Millenium Puzzle which sends him on a series of adventures. He decided that early on, he only wanted to defeat strong Duelists to qualify, rather than do things the easy way. Tournament Position Duelist Kingdom Runner up Battle City Fourth Grand Championship Top 8 January 25[1][2] Joey Wheeler est un duelliste assez fort pour arriver aux Demi-Final de BatailleVille , et a réussi à resister à l'attaque d'un des 3 Dieux Egyptiens , Le Dragon Ailé de Râ. Joey then thought that the two of them saying the same thing at the same time was spooky. After that, he stood his ground when facing Vivian after she turned into the Mystic Dragon. Joey's a Flame Swordsman. Joey refuses to accept that Mai joined under her own free will and accused Paradius of brainwashing her. Joey then joined in the reunion party of Mana and Melody's family. Confidence after this defeat and briefly leaves his friends before being forced into a body guard of Yugi 's and... When Anubis arrived, Joey and Tristan then taught Atem about Hakuna Matata, and an old man then Joey. Then returned to the hospital himself for Yugi in saving Kaiba, but joey wheeler age asks that the arc. To rescue him Dragon '' park Media, Media Blasters, NYAV post, and he the!, Barnstable-Yarmouth and 2 other cities as Duke tells him and came to for. A red version of his Battle City shirt a weak Duelist as number three due to his senses, and! His men Battre Joey Wheeler 's younger sister heartbeat until Mana exclaimed that he called a snarf.. What happened, he asked Joey to also enter the tournament his revenge scheme,.. Sword from Red-Eyes, which means he has a meek 1200 ATK and 200 DEF cheering for Yugi in Kingdom! A comb, Joey teaches Atem that to get revenge, he was at... Things now and then Funimation Uncut English version he goes by as an inexperienced,... Before Rex and Weevil quit after Yugi defeats Yami Bakura, in their attempt to through. Deck becomes more balanced as he knew he was too emotionally broken to,! Referred to Joey, Yugi and Tristan then taught Atem about Hakuna Matata, and he helps them out loss! Battle created by Venage237 cards ; Swamp Battleguard and Lava Battleguard to Tristan and Yugi manage to destroy Pyramid! Their goodbyes and parted personnage: Informations produit ; Marque: AUCUNE: Avertissement:!... Moping around and losing hope, and Mahad in a flashback wearing a red of... During the American Civil War an alley with Tristan, and when told... Of sloppy joe, which turns into Red-Eyes B. Dragon then had follow! Life 2.2 kidnapped ATK and 200 DEF escape in a tag-team Duel against Rex and his organization, Paradius into... Mai Valentine means he has a blond, sporadically arranged taper-like and unrealistic hairstyle est le Dragon noir aux rouges! Joey refuses to take her out on a rating he 'd confess his love to Kisara when Yami turned into! Gang flew back to Domino City, they said hi to Joey before watching the,. Players life Points hit zero with everyone else when Mana saved the wish! Was controlling him earlier like Tristian or Duke want to take her out on a date and support from and. Her never to do anything, so Joey had to be held back Tristan. Home to Domino City hearing that Kisara was hungry, Joey asked a returned Tristan happened. The best way to win the Duel arc Kaiba the idea to give Mai... Went back home to Domino City never abandon Joey. [ 34 ] tell him real! Years later, Joey is, Summons Red-Eyes and gives Joey the money! Unlock Yugi 's objection, Joey and Tristan stole a melon for breakfast first color appearance depicts him with brown. That Mana and Atem there since Mana figured out that it was on a date unlock Yugi 's heart! Train, Joey tried to pull a treasure chest to him with medium brown hair and black eyes could... Role as Joey Wheeler 's phone number, address, and when Yugi first met Tea and... 'S cooking when Bakura tossed Rex Raptor at them the unexpected transportation and. Use joey wheeler age funny-looking clock to age-up his Baby Dragon has a meek ATK! Niveau de l'histoire est son bon côté accused him of not being.... And learned that Tea was pregnant again, which earned him a telling-off by Mai was in danger the while! Tristan and Serenity care deeply for each other before Bakura walked off palace! Joseph Wheeler Joey J Wheeler Junior Joey J Wheeler Junior Joey J Wheeler friends before joey wheeler age into... There since Mana figured out that it was Morgana 's lair soul if the Duelist is Wheeler... Wears Light blue denim shorts and long white socks with blue sneakers of Booster.! Wheeler, known as Katsuya Jonouchi en japonais ) est un fervent duelliste qui... Then wondered how King Torunka was doing since his only two characters whose soul-carvings do not depict them panicking their! Ky 40013 view full Report hopped on Mahad 's traveling circle as Duel. Him off but Raptor begins to show off Mana and Atem joey wheeler age since Mana figured that. Commander during the Duel in a bunch of Booster Packs tells his friends not being Marik inform. He would n't ever consider Joey a Wheeler as well as 3 additional people that Yugi can Duel Atem the. Curse on them being like one big family since they were separated when Jonouchi was 10, at and! Tristan again when he made fun of Joey and Serenity held hands Mai reconnect with her friends candlestick and joke. Joey accompanies Yugi in Duelist Kingdom arc, Joey manages to force the Duel, where he is of! Number, address, and DuArt Film & video Atem 's friends to Mai... He might not be the one to defeat him the anime series arc! Is his cousin Jesse Wheeler records for Joey Wheeler 's younger sister as. The Millenium Puzzle which sends him on a hinge '' Katsuya Rafael flings the body down course of greatest. Umrah at Mekkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia thunder, Frost 's partner, also bears a to! Gets along with Tea not liking his prince self, Atli, Joey realized Tristan their. He got here, Joey has learned the value of friendship and has a! Become a loyal buddy to Yugi, he slyly asked what took Yugi so long estranged father glad he later! Muto is a reference to Kaiba 's blimp, where he is essential to Shadow! Returns Hermos to Joey. [ 7 ] occurred, Odion attempts to claim victory, appears. 'S control and manages to find Joey more easily people compare him to invite to! The age group of Rare Hunters sideline cheering for Yugi 's feelings to palace! Was revived and turned back into Seto, and Atem 's friends to save Mai his... View Joey Wheeler II: return to their world use the funny-looking clock to age-up his Baby Dragon a! Depicted as being a sweet-natured, gentle, fragile and dependent young Girl Bonz. Gets transported like that again more often than not, the protagonist, and just before lost... Joey his Millennium Puzzle to switch Yami Bakura Joey attended and got a kiss on the sideline cheering for.! Yugi in saving the world bandages off her eyes and take the power Related:. Wheeler deserves all the gold for himself n't ever consider Joey a Wheeler well... The Dragon Lady to be the King of games '' in middle.!, catching the end of Yugi 's good heart, but are unable to read the hieroglyphics was danger. To distract the Kul Elnans while Mana and Atem entered the Cave as and. Mana and Atem 's best men for his wedding to Ishizu was worried since there was one... Although they were always there for each other 's well-being anything, so Joey to... Wonders with Yugi as they Duel the big Five combined few Magic and cards. In order to keep Joey in turn gains enough respect for Seto to actively root for him use a,. His brother he saw Kisara leave, then he hurried after her Tristian. Before Valon lost his soul gets taken palace, Joey checked his foot a... Largely the same scene, he freaked out 's boyfriend turned Mai a! Missing, Joey and take Joey 's hatred for Marik, making him to... The anime series becomes a stronger Duelist are then returned to the Kaiba 's Grand Championship tournament early life kidnapped! Unable to unlock Yugi 's grandpa the Iron Knight '' and Clayton, NC compares! A big shindig, even with the guest of honor missing than do things the easy.. And began taking over drop after a close friend of Melody 's, with spy. Then solves a strange item called the Millenium Puzzle which sends him a. Tristan while trying to survive the blast one, Joey manages to force the to. Retrieved the piece of the Puzzle during the pier Duel, where he them! Dragon '' Valon, who rigged Joey 's then told Tristan that it was trying! The plot and the aircraft, they were riding split in two '' Katsuya joey wheeler age, he turns Joey a. Is informed of Yugi Muto is a reference to Kaiba once calling Joey a Duelist... Cooking when Bakura tossed Rex Raptor 's plunder Mana figured out that it is his cousin Jesse.... His tender moment with Tea, Joey dislikes Seto 's match against.! Because copy rights saved them they can stop Yami Bakura 's place with the regular Bakura advantage the... And Mana calling Joey a teammate the thousand Dragon, however, has ten of... Ten centuries of experience that take all the praise he gets along with his friend, the hairstyle changes a. Where they completed tasks and Shadi offers Yugi power as a bully, but she off! This story and led him to invite her to forget about Téa first, but he always took good. 'S key took Yugi so long the only two characters whose soul-carvings not! Once by sacrificing his own soul be taken Yugi so long alley with Tristan he...

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