car radio keeps turning on by itself

A lot of times it only works for a few minutes while I'm driving and then just shuts off all of the sudden. This happens every time I start the car. I have a new (61) plate tsi with the standard bolero stereo. Radio turns itself on when driving - posted in In Car Entertainment: I have a n RNS 510 in my Car and its started turning itself on when driving, I leave a cd in it cause I have seen the trick online about that! Save Share. Also, with the car off the front windows roll down and the moon roof opens. Took to dealer service dept and they tried to fix it...picked it up and still was not corrected. I have a mark 3, Y reg seat ibiza 1.4s,with an array of wierd electical problems. Radio keeps turning on? I don't find the solution of actually turning off the radio acceptable, because I like having my phone connected via CarPlay and display text messages, etc as we as using Google Play and Apple maps. I am afraid it could be a couple of things. For several weeks I would notice that after I turned off my car and locked it the radio would start playing on its own. Until I get to the bottom of it, can someone tell me which is the fuse for the radio so I can remove it to prevent it going on. The dealer has the car and they are saying it may be the fault of the power switch in the head unit. Radio problem started in June. I would exit the car and come back 20 minutes later and it'd be on. But the problem didn't start until last month. Average failure mileage is 26,450 miles. The battery is 6 month old. When I went to park my reverse camera stayed on after I put it in park. The radio had been on, and I just turned the ignition off whilst leaving the unit playing. This happened no less than a dozen time on my 45 minute commute this morning. Jump to Latest Follow ... one of the little 'different' things about a Smart car! Hi all. At night from inside my house I could tell that the radio was on … There is a capacitor inside the stereo which provides backup power to the radio. I always turn my radio off before I get out of the car and it has never come back on when I get back in :thumbsup: 2011 A5 Coupe Black Edition, 2.0tfsi, Ibis White, 20" double spoke alloys, Comfort Pack, Interior Light Pack, Heated Seats, De-Badged. My car has an automatic transmission. It was turning on by its self without the key in the ignition. Only have 1300 miles on it and the radio is turning off and on by itself. It showed the closedown animation, then turned itself off - I didn't turn it off by hand before turning off the ignition. Okay so, I was walking down the hallway to my room and I was hearing a loud noise and thought it was coming from outside so I checked the blinds in the hallway and nothing. - posted in In Car Entertainment: I have an RCD300 and the radio keeps turning itself on? I got up and turned it off. Dealer doesn't want to do anything. I can only use the main control button for about 10 seconds before everything freezes-navigation, Bluetooth, radio, etc. Re: Radio keeps turning itself on again Hi Jim i had the same problem with my smart when i got it last year - almost like the radio was possessed - after a lot of argueing the whole radio had to be replaced - not what you wanted to hear but its the only thing that … It may happen due to the capacitor. It is not the door switch issue as the dome light and power windows all behave as expected. If the stereo system has a demonstration mode, ensure it is disabled. lugee: Car Audio, Video & Security: 3: 12-05-2005 05:10 AM: stereo cuts volume by itself: re-zero: Forester Forum: 5: 10-06-2004 01:13 AM: My stereo won't turn on. When the stereo shows a low battery warning at the time of starting of the car, it goes into reset or turns off itself. The radio has 2 power feeds, one is wired to battery so it has power all the time for memory and the other power feed is from the ignition circuit so when you turn the ignition on it turns the radio on. The radio still turns on by itself. In our previous car, the navigation and stereo were separate, so you could have navigation screen on and radio always off. My radio usually comes on when I crank up the car. the power switch is bad, it turns off and on with bumps while driving. Follow this procedure to troubleshoot if the stereo system turns on or off by itself. The second time they said it was the radio. and turn back on when you turn the car back on. Cheers The car radio began to turn off by itself and then turned on by itself a few month ago. I have a 04 Accord LX 4 cylinder sedan. thought it was the battery so I replaced it. It has 120K. Hello there. If it matters, I did get aftermarket light bulbs a couple months ago. Keeps doing it for about 20 mins then finally shuts off. When i went to go home I discovered that although i could get the key into the ignition as normal, I couldn't turn it to start the van. I was watching a particularly creepy episode of 'Ghost Hunters' last night when my iHome radio turned on by itself. After pulling the radio fuse I disabled the radio, but the car battery still died. Ensure no buttons or keys are stuck on the remote control. Reply. But after you go back inside for a few, they turn right back on. Yes I know u can use the radio for up to 10 minutes after you remove the key but I would literally have the car off for 10-20 minutes and bam it comes on. Found the radio had turned itself on and drained the battery. I'm skeptical about paranormal things, and am thinking there's probably a much more plausible explanation. But it didn't help. Thinking of removing the radio and taking it to a shop to check it out. What to Do When the Subwoofer Isn't Working Properly. It is getting worse now that it turn off and stay off more often than stayed on. The radio has started turning on and off by itself and it does it quite quickly when it does. I am home alone right now on Summer vacation, my mom is at work. About a month ago I experienced a problem with my radio. Hi, My car radio has been turning itself on randomly and draining my battery, anyone have any ideas what the issue could be? SOURCE: JVD car radio. Ihave an issue with the audio system that keeps rebooting itself. I turn … Hi, I have a 2007 Honda Accord.The radio turns on and off by itself for no apparent reason like going over bumps etc. The first time I took my car they said it was the wiring. It was just static. the radio keeps turning itself on, even when the car's ignition is off, the keys out, and the doors locked. I have telephoned the dealership and they say it probably … The 2011 Toyota Tacoma has 3 problems reported for radio turns itself on and off for no apparent reason. radio turns itself on draining the battery 12 Answers. When i start my car up it always turns on and it randomly just comes on whilst driving. But my car is similar to Oakminster’s: When I turn the car off, the radio keeps playing for 10 minutes, or until I open the door, whichever comes first. Moved truck for 5 min and Radit turned off once again and back up camera didn't even turn on. Volkswagen Golf V (2004 - 2008) - my radio turns itself on!. If the stereo system has a timer, ensure the timer is disabled. Parked at the airport. How to Fix a Car Radio That Won't Turn Off. While driving in to work this morning the radio completely turned off about 5 times in a 45 min window (sat and regular radio). More worryingly, after I locked the car, I could see (and hear) again the radio come on shortly (a few seconds) after I pressed lock. Mechanic's Assistant: Is this your first time dealing with this issue? The radio in my Mercedes keeps turning … Ever since I bought my volkswagon golf gt 05 every now and again (sometimes months apart) the radio spontaniously turns itself on usually in the middle of the niight. I finally unplugged it and it didn't turn on again. Unplug the power cord of the stereo system from the AC outlet. We use cookies to make the … Radio comes on by itself. This was what was draining the battery. I parked, then 2.5 hours later I get in the car and the radio fires right up. It warns of using nav when driving, then says "service unavailable" and powers off. A couple of minutes later it turned on again. I now have to get this sorted as my neighbours are starting to take offence at being awoken at night! Oddly, it WILL turn anticlockwise into the 'Park' position to bring the side lights on. My car radio would randomly turn itself on and thus drain the battery. Can a bad cell in a battery cause the strange electrical system problem with my radio? The 8 Best Car Stereo Systems of 2021. Why won't it shut off when key is shut off? After replacement, found the radio was turning itself on with the car being off and the alarm armed. This morning my radio did not come on. It will do it randomly (even when stationary) and may not do it for a while afterwards. Radio turned on by itself - any suggestions as to what it could be? Sometimes it doesn't turn on. ... My alarm randomly goes off, and when I go to turn it off, my car will have started by itself, with no key, etc. anyone had this issue? gnildronde: Car Audio, Video & Security: 1: 06-20-2003 12:28 PM Seems like it is just a short circuit that can be fixed. EGY5: Off-Topic: 29: 01-21-2008 01:24 PM: Radio volume randomly turns up and down? Thanks for the assistance! ... it will always do that if the radio is on when you turn off the car. Recently I found the factory radio and LCD display turn on by themselves, when the car is parked and locked without car key inside. Just got a new 2019 4Runner SR5P 6 weeks ago. Computer keeps turning on by itself. It is very possible that there is a way to change this so that the radio goes off when the car goes off. This last week on at least 4 occasions the car stereo has been on when I have unlocked the car and opened the door. What Is Amplifier Protect Mode? The radio will come on or stay on after we have left and locked the car. Came back to a dead battery. Hope someone can help. My car radio keeps turning itself on when i am driving? Then, I jump-started the battery and at first the car worked fine, but then the battery slowly died again. HOWEVER, during my stay whilst the van was unattended and locked, the radio again came on a couple of times all by itself. It goes off when the key is taken out, but then I go out there a while later and its playing. I previously ran a 208 1.4 HDI - which did not have the DAB radio - but never experienced such problem. Car Stereo Amp Turns On and Off by Itself. When it is switching on and off there is a sound coming from beneath the steering wheel column that sounds like a … You need to determine if the ignition feed is shutting off with the ignition. I turned it on several times with the same result. How to Choose a Car Head Unit. I tried to turn off the radio when I turn off the car. My car has 174000 miles. If you want to turn it off, before you cut the ignition I hit the 'src' button and put it 'AUX' then when the car starts you don't get instant on radio. How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver or Amplifier.

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