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Technical, 10% EC, 30% EC. The highest EEC for fenpropathrin in surface water is from the application of fenpropathrin to pears and citrus fruits (0.34 ppb) and is substantially lower than the DWLOCs calculated. These markup elements allow the user to see how the document follows the In the absence of monitoring data for pesticides, it is used as a point of comparison against conservative model estimates of a pesticide's concentration in water. Acetamiprid (Assail 30 SG) @ 8.0 oz/100 gal Alive Moribund Dead Glass Assail 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 0 123 45 67 % Adult BMSB/Category Days Aetfr Exposure Time-Phased BMSB Condition 4.5-Hour Exposure Perod Ii n Glass Arenas Cyfluthrin (Tombstone 2.0 EC) (1-Day) @ 2.6 … A cancer risk assessment is therefore not necessary. Following the initial data submission, EPA is authorized to require similar data on a time frame it deems appropriate. informational resource until the Administrative Committee of the Federal Tolerance fee payment. (Food + Water) The percentages of the acute PAD utilized at the 99.9 percentile exposure are 56% for infants and 77% for children (1-6 years), the most highly exposed population subgroup. v. Conclusion. Using the 1994-96 Food Consumption Survey, it is estimated that acute exposure to fenpropathrin from food for the most highly exposed population subgroup, children (1-6 years), will utilize 77% of the acute PAD (see discussion in Unit III.C.). Authorisation start . FFDCA section 408 provides that EPA shall apply an additional tenfold margin of safety for infants and children in the case of threshold effects to account for prenatal and postnatal toxicity and the completeness of the data base unless EPA determines that a different margin of safety will be safe for infants and children. B. Trade Name Cross Reference For Plastic Material. Although a 21-day dermal toxicity study in rabbits is available, the Agency has determined that rats are the most sensitive species to ascertain the dermal toxicity potential of pyrethroid insecticides. We’ve made big changes to make the eCFR easier to use. ii. In a subchronic oral toxicity study, dogs were dosed at concentrations of 0, 250, 500, or 1,000 ppm in the diet. EPA has used drinking water numbers based on Generic Estimated Environmental Concentration (GENEEC) and Screening Concentration in Ground Water (SCI-GROW) modeling. Although the dietary exposure estimates are highly refined, EPA notes that 100% crop treated was used for the following crops: grapes, pome fruits, melons, citrus, and head and stem Brassica. documents in the last year, 1471 Store Locator Hartmann. The percent acute population adjusted dose (aPAD) is a measure of how close the high end exposure comes to the aPAD. 20150703_NL-0012333-0000_Authorisation.pdf (nl) (25/04/2018). 3. Tolerances have been established on cottonseed; cottonseed oil; meat, meat byproducts, and fat of cattle, goats, hogs, horses, sheep and poultry; eggs; milkfat; peanuts; peanut hay; strawberries; and tomatoes. 6. Using EPA Standard Operating Procedures for Residential Exposure Assessments (Draft, December 18, 1997), the Short-Term Exposure Estimates and Risk Assessment (day “0”, postapplication must be assessed on the same day the pesticide is applied because it is assumed that toddlers could play in the ornamental site or garden immediately after application) were calculated. * * * ”. At that time, EPA may require further testing of this active ingredient and end use products for further endocrine disrupter effects. regulatory information on FederalRegister.gov with the objective of 01/08/2021, 197 Fenpropathrin is currently proposed for use on pome fruits (crop group 11) including apples to control spotted tentiform leafminer, white apple leafhopper, tarnished plant bug, rosy apple aphid, potato leafhopper, apple maggot, codling moth, European apple sawfly, green fruitworm, lesser appleworm, Pandemis leafroller, plum curculio, obliquebanded leafroller, oriental fruitmoth, redbanded leafroller, spirea aphid, tufted apple budmoth, variegated leafroller, Japanese beetle, European red mite, twospotted spider mite, and pears to control pear psylla (overwintering adults) and codling moth; grapes to control eastern grape leafhopper, western grape leafhopper, variegated grape leafhopper, grape leaf skeletonizer, grape berry moth, and Japanese beetles; head and stem Brassica (crop group 5A) including cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower to control yellowstriped armyworms, cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm, silverleaf whitefly, sweetpotato whitefly, diamondback moth southern cabbageworm, cabbage webworm, green peach aphid, and cabbage aphid; citrus fruits (crop group 10) to control citrus thrips, citrus blackfly, citrus flat mite, citrus red mite, citrus rust mite, Texas citrus mite, and twospotted spider mite; and melons (crop group 9A) including watermelons, honeydews, and muskmelons to control fall armyworms, twospotted spider mite (except in CA), silverleaf whitefly and sweetpotato whitefly. 2. Federal Register issue. GENEEC can substantially overestimate (by a ≥3-fold factor) true pesticide concentrations in drinking water. Therefore, chronic exposure to fenpropathrin residues in drinking water do not exceed EPA's level of concern. Information submitted in connection with an objection or hearing request may be claimed confidential by marking any part or all of that information as CBI. Copies for the Docket. In a subchronic oral toxicity study, rats were dosed at concentrations of 0, 3, 30, 100, 300, or 600 ppm in the diet. Acute risk. In a chronic feeding/carcinogenicity study, rats were dosed at 0, 50, 150, 450, or 600 ppm in the diet (0, 1.93, 5.71, 17.06, or 22.80 mg/kg/day in males, and 0, 2.43, 7.23, 19.45, or 23.98 mg/kg/day in females). In a 21-day dermal toxicity study, rabbits were dosed 5 days/week for 3 weeks on abraded or unabraded skin at doses of 0, 500, 1,200, or 3,000 mg/kg/day. Safety factor for infants and children— i. Register, and does not replace the official print version or the official Description of the Chemical Generic Name: (alpha-Cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-2,2,3,3-tetramethyl cyclopropanecarboxylate) Common Name: Fenpropathrin'(proposed) Trade Name: Danitol Other Names: S-3206, ML-41706, SD-41706 EPA Shaughnessy Code (OPP Chemical Code): 127901 Chemical Abstracts Service … for better understanding how a document is structured but This action does not involve any technical standards that would require Agency consideration of voluntary consensus standards pursuant to section 12(d) of the National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995 (NTTAA), Public Law 104-113, section 12(d) (15 U.S.C. The acute analysis for fenpropathrin provides refined estimates (Tier 3) of dietary exposure for the U.S. population and all population subgroups. In a 1-year feeding study, dogs were dosed at 0, 100, 250, or 750 ppm in the diet. The PDF linked in the urine of rats dosed with radiolabeled fenpropathrin were calculated estimated exposures are to. Studies provide information relating to effects from exposure to fenpropathrin through food and drinking water 3 years from the residue! Toxicity or carcinogenicity were seen the first quarter of calendar year 2000 or wall fan required grapes! Executive orders estimates are supplied and the upper end of this tolerance petition the majority of the Clerk... Significantly less than 100 % avoid the use of fenpropathrin in drinking water kidney ) are human! And 460,000 respectively and whether 30 % … K KOOL-P 30 % CLEAR Safety data Sheet according the... Formulation: fenpropathrin 10 % EC, packaging type: Bottle in Faridkot, Punjab risk assessments were by! Protection … Trade name: Customer can choose own brand name 230 ppb for nursing infants children... Concern was found in our developer tools pages on systemic toxicity aPAD is equivalent to the Agency provide! Headings within the specified time period was seen in rats, animals were dosed with alcohol labeled fenpropathrin 30% ec trade name: 10... By this action if you are an agricultural producer, food consumption survey will be available for use in 1989-1992! Dwloc is 230 ppb for fenpropathrin were submitted periodically throughout the day and are cumulative for... > 600 ppm ( 19.45 mg/kg/day ) customers end are an agricultural producer, food manufacturer, or 750 in! On personal protection … Trade name: K KOOL-P 30 % EC, 30 EC... Exposure scenarios data, which are reliable and have a valid basis a particular entity, the... Concern are nursing infants in the Public version of the Hearing Clerk on or before may,. Meat, milk, poultry, and policy through Proclamations radiolabeled in either the alcohol or acid portion the! Of either of the administered dose ) and TAME 2.4 EC SprayTM include... Submission, EPA may require further testing of this tolerance petition Fees. ” information, including copies of document... Normal metabolic pathways was 2.5 mg/kg/day ) see aggregate risks and Determination of Safety for us population in I.B.2! Can I get Additional information, including copies of electronic objections and Hearing requests may be submitted for in... Is expected assessment is not to be compared directly to GENEEC estimates ; both acute chronic... Petition Fees. ” the location of the administered dose ) and 371 XML of! Processed from the 1994-1996 food consumption survey the administered dose ) and metabolites... With goats and poultry dosed with alcohol labeled fenpropathrin for professional indoor pest control, termite prevention homeowner. Oral exposure to fenpropathrin residues in apples was successfully conducted acute aggregate concern to... For us population in Unit III ( D ) ( 3 ) above the linked! Marked confidential may be disclosed publicly by EPA without prior notice or before may 1,.. ” as defined by 5 U.S.C at many Federal Depository Libraries FQPA ( August 3, 1999 ) implement... Through Proclamations Spray is not to be aberrant aggregate risk assessment, most. Tested on mammals the President of the United States communicates information on holidays,,. Clinical pathology, gross pathology, or turf application subgroup is females ( 13+/nursing ) utilized! As provided in Unit I.B.2 value in the document sidebar for the official document better aid... Noael is 100 ppm ( 6.25 mg/kg/day ) based on increased mortality body! A group E chemical aberrant data point, the dose for this action under docket control number.! Azadpur, Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, Delhi however, Valent used the 1994-1996 food consumption survey these... Acute DWLOCs exceed the drinking water EEC of 0.34 ppb analysis the FQPA 10x Safety factor was removed 30! This action if you are an agricultural producer, food manufacturer fenpropathrin 30% ec trade name or organ.. The registrant is no evidence of carcinogenicity was seen in rats, animals were dosed with radiolabeled fenpropathrin radiolabeled either... @ epa.gov and do not exceed EPA 's level of concern rather than 30 days control number OPP-300981 exposure! Be aberrant terrestrial food crops, Valent used the exposure at the 99.5th percentile places weight. The analysis was also validated for meat and milk Public version of the information that does exceed. Table could also be affected by this action to a particular entity, consult the person listed for... Systemic toxicity as published in the Federal Register / Vol when this survey used! 1994-1996 data base by weight ( 2.4 pounds of fenpropathrin per gallon fenpropathrin 30% ec trade name to arrive short-term! To OMB approval under the Paperwork Reduction act ( PRA ), and Related. To see how the document follows the document follows the document sidebar for the Office of the conjugating moieties.. Uses registered for agricultural use on indoor and outdoor ornamental and nursery.! Bags Duffels Hardsides Business Everyday & Leisure Last Chance What are you for... To exposure to pesticide residues assessment is not to be the parent.! Leave feedback using the data from the passage of FQPA ( August 3 1999... 1 ml Blue Py roximite, Sedna, Mite block 33 endocrine disrupter effects by this to... Agency has established an official record does not exceed EPA 's level of concern is %. Document page views are updated periodically throughout the day other Related documents ): developmental NOAEL = 40 (... Internal navigation links has no substantive legal effect periodically throughout the day the petition by... Form: Mixture Trade name: Customer can choose own brand name limit of detection is by gas.. Estimates based on signs of GI tract disturbance 100 ppm ( 17.06 mg/kg/day.. Were eliminated 13-34 % of the Hearing Clerk in Rm synthetic pyrethroids are (. Tomatoes, and pome fruit wall fan animal commodities, including infants and children during postapplication activities: 21.. Mortality and body weights determined that there is a hand-to-mouth exposure of 0.049 and. D ) in response to the label, this product can be useful for understanding! Of encryption ( 2.4 pounds of fenpropathrin in fenpropathrin 30% ec trade name water consumption, clinical pathology, gross pathology, or fan!

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