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Treadmill Doctor is your source for treadmill parts, elliptical parts and equipment reviews. Only 1 left! 1 year ago. Treadmills were introduced before the development of powered machines to harness the power of animals or humans to do work, often a type of mill operated by a person or animal treading the steps of a treadwheel to grind grain. FREE Shipping. Car batteries have a high amperage that can burn out a treadmill motor if connected for too long 1. How do you slow the wheel down? 10. $199.00. Most treadmill motor flywheels serve also as the pulley. The treadmill also had a 15 amp circuit breaker installed. I cut the top surface of the pottery wheel base out of an old piece of 3/4" thick Melomine salvaged from a previous project. Two 5/8" nuts and washers are added to the threaded rod. Wish I had thought of it. The motors on most treadmills are DC motors which are able to operate at variable speeds. The threaded rod can pivot to adjust for the angle of the motor flange as belt tension changes. I mounted the circuit board and choke module from the treadmill on the underside of the pottery wheel base. Treadmill parts for sale. this vid is about what you can get when cannibalizing tread mills. This motor is superior to the original factory motor and carries a full 1 Year warranty in comparison to the 30 day factory warranty. Potter's Wheel: Treadmill Motor: I've really had an itch to throw some clay, but since classes and buying a real potter's wheel would be out of the question financially, I decided to build one from scratch. Shop Treadmill Doctor for replacement drive motors for treadmills. and agree to our cookie policy. Cutting them also allowed me to discard the section of the pan that contained the pouring spout. Brand New. 4.25 HP TREADMILL MOTOR New, Leili model# L-315219 permanent magnet motor with brushes. Treadmill Drive Motor Installation If you have any questions or need us to walk you through the process, feel free to email us at or call us at 800-750-4766. I used a jig saw to cut out the hole for the wheel bearing. More specifically, how to wire a Treadmill motor and controller. on Step 14. I cut it in a triangular type shape, wider at the rear of unit to hold tools and a water bowl , narrower in the front to allow the user to get as close to the wheel head as possible. The second flange got an elongated 3/4" diameter hole drilled in the center of it. $9.00 shipping. I turned a piece of 1 1/4" round stock on the lathe. Treadmill Motor Drive Belt Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Description: Taken from the unit cosmetically damaged in shipping. Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. Drive Motor l-314571 F-314571 or M-405564 405618 Works with Weslo Proform Healthrider Healthrider Nordictrack Treadmill 4.5 out of 5 stars 18 $217.55 $ 217 . Reusing the plastic roller pulley is near impossible. put an ad in Craigs list for a used treadmill. simple pot to control speed. I used three 7/16" bolts to solidly secure the bearing assembly to the top surface. Nordic Track T7SI Treadmill Motor Control Board 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. I used my router table to cut out perfect circles. Originally I purchased 2 sealed ball bearings with flanges and pillow blocks to hold the bearings. We sell new and used fitness equipment replacement parts, namebrands include Proform, Nordictrack, Reebok, Freemotion, Octane, Precor, Life Fitness, and Bowflex. Internal, normally closed bimetallic switch signals thermal overload. The lower nut can be turned either way to adjust belt tension. I also had to shorten the length of the mounting studs that came with the bearing assembly. A treadmill is a device generally used for walking, running, or climbing while staying in the same place. Disconnect the motor’s lead wires from the car battery after a second or two. Latest project, just finished a 3 wheel buffer using a 1.5 hp treadmill motor and kb drive. I drilled a 1/8" hole in the table , 6" away from the edge of the router bit. treadmill teardown for wind & water wheel Darrell Hughes. Sometimes it is possible to reuse the original motor mount/ belt tensioner from the treadmill. Turdan’s motors are certified by UL, CSA & CE. To attach the pulley to the main shaft, I used a 6"diameter circle that I cut out of a piece of 1/8" thick mild steel. Would also make excellent DC generator. Drive Wheel and Treadmill Motor made by Turdan. It never occurs to me to use a treadmill motor. Not heavy use like a knife grinder. There is always more to learn, I found your page very informative and picked up a few tips on motor details. Never used. It came with a 5/8" hole in it. I used an old 1 gallon ice cream bucket (placed upside down between the bottom of the table and the top of the motor), then used silicon caulk to seal every screw hole and seam, but you can use anything that'll completely cover the top and sides of the motor. Then I laid out the bolt pattern of the bearing assembly . HealthTrainer HT2.0 Wheel Support # USED REF# TMH0817207MO 30 Years in the Fitness Industry: With knowledge built up from being in the fitness industry for over 30 years we will make sure you get the correct Treadmill Belt and Expert advise. $41.45 shipping. Treadmill Doctor Drive Motor for Proform J8LI Quantum Drive Model Number 297990 Sears Model 831297990 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Built for use in treadmills, ideal for use with speed controller. I could have ordered a metal pulley from my local supply house for around $35. The product defective rate is controlled below 1% on account of our professional technician team and complete equipment for quality inspection. $349.00 $ 349. C $35.27. You can slow it down by “gearing it down” if he built it with a pulley/belt system installing a bigger pulley on the output shaft or the part that turns the wheel head would lessen the speed and even increase the torque it has. or Best Offer. I was able to purchase a used treadmill for $35 . Answer Share it with us! I used and electric angle grinder to cut the threaded portion of the motor shaft, ( a hacksaw could have been used instead). Sole G020022A Treadmill Drive Motor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part. Although it fit very snugly, I added a couple of welds to tack it in place just to be sure it does not  slip. You can find here treadmill belts, treadmill repair parts, treadmill spare parts, spirit treadmill parts, Schwinn bike and treadmill parts, treadmill safety keys, treadmill belt lubricant, treadmill drive belt, & more. This video from Sears PartsDirect shows how to replace a broken drive motor in some treadmills. Treadmill motor control boards are easy enough to install; just plug them in like you would additional memory on a computer motherboard and you’re ready to go. My husband made me a pottery wheel with a treadmill motor, but the low speed is very fast. Turdan is your reliable partne, Turdan providing various types of high quality motors, including AC/DC motors, low voltage motors, PMDC and gear boxes. Not to say that the containers are hard to find, quite the contrary. They fit a fancy flat belt with 5-10 "v" grooves. The simplest way I could think to do this was to use a GFCI  receptacle, like you would find in your bathroom or kitchen. $500.00. The FWD hub is a winning idea, have to keep that in the deeper grey cells. I first made a little "mock up" to determine how tall to make the sides , trying to keep the overall height of the unit as low as possible to allow my daughter to use it comfortably, while allowing enough space to accommodate the motor. I'm on a very tight budget, but I figure I can afford to build a unit like this! I'm replacing the treadmill motor on Sears Proform treadmill model 831.297980. I built a 2 x 4 frame around the perimeter of the top surface for added strength. Detailed info about Drive Wheel and Treadmill Motor made by Turdan. I thought it would be a good idea to have the pottery wheel protected by a ground fault circuit just in case, because water is involved. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Great idea! Free shipping. It goes through the elongated hole down to a block of steel, which is welded to a plate and fastened to the wood block mentioned above. I was wondering the same. Fantastic blog. Part# 268219 Part Name: BELT.V,ARPS Model Name: WLTL296094- WESLO CADENCE G 5.9 TREADMILL Part List- Key# 45 Item Condition: Good Condition Please look at the picture. I mounted a duplex " old work" electrical box also on the plywood base side. Rated for 4.25 HP treadmill duty or 4.25 HP (3170 W) continuous duty. Note the continuous ratings are less than the treadmill ratings. We take credit and sincerity as the elements of our business philosophy. $250.00. Well thought out & executed. From Australia ... Epic E 950 Elliptical Ramp Wheel Model: EPCCEL09960 Part # 179843. I made my wheel head out of a piece of 3/4 " thick Corian. … When turning on the pottery wheel, there is about  10 second delay before the motor starts up. I first purchased metric nuts that fit the studs. Each drive wheel is grinded with accurate and precise gear to minimize the noise. Model No: AXD series; Factory Location: Taiwan; ... DC500W Self-Propelled Drive Wheel; DC500W Aerial Work Drive Wheel; DC Treadmill Motor; AC1600w Vertical Drive Wheel; DC Industrial Motor; AC800W Horizontal Drive Wheel; More . Second, it was smooth and of uniform density, as opposed to plywood. I saw another post online where the person used a automotive wheel bearing (hub) assembly. DC Treadmill Motor. $293.98 $ 293. 1 year ago. It is an 8" x 3" double wheel sander and mostly gets used for deburing. Drive Wheel and Treadmill Motor made by Turdan maintain the largest market share in Taiwan. Christmas came and the Pottery Wheel was a big hit with my daughter. Follow Us I run it with a timing belt pulley whose inner dia is larger than the motor shaft. I ended up using 14" oil drain pans from the auto parts store. I set out to build a pottery wheel for my 7 year old daughters Christmas present. is our main site, express contains product & different search ability. Drive Wheel and Treadmill Motor made by Turdan maintain the largest market share in Taiwan. Oh Wow! Treadmill Motor 2.5hp for ProForm NordicTrack Image - compatible models inside . my requirement is to utilise treadmill dc motor board to sensorless dc motor. $189.95. Thanks for looking at my Instructable, I hope this inspires others to create cool things. B307D treadmill control board for many brand treadmill motor driver card. I need to remove flywheel/belt drive from old motor and put on the new motor. Finalist in the Instructables Design Competition. Some years ago I sought to find a suitable motor for a potters wheel and failed. The motor draws from a 36V 960 Wh battery pack that is said to enable a riding range of 50 to 70 km (31-43 miles) per charge at speeds ranging from … I plan on coming up with some type of foot pedal for " hands free" wheel speed adjustment. Source treadmill motor, potentiometer for treadmill motor on Taiwantrade. However, all these issues can be symptoms of other problems, so you will need to … I used a 1/2" v-belt that is 48" long. is our main site, express contains product & different search ability. The variable speed motor/pedal seems like ideal parts for the job. G020022A treadmill drive motor 3.0 HP M-210271 C3480B3383 # used REF # this. Came with a way to make a foot pedal for `` hands ''... After you cut them why i mounted on the inner edges of the bats to accept a serpentine type.. Broken drive motor model Number 296750 Sears model 831297990 5.0 out of 5. The entire family can use and commercial Fitness ) are available i saw another post where! On various kinds of battery-powered vehicles and AGV Number 296750 Sears model 831297990 5.0 out of a piece of ''! Last well into her adulthood after some thought and research i returned the bearings online! Serpentine type belt important to turn off the power circuit me know if you have,. Was wondering if you could use an old sewing machine motor Cadence G 5.9 Description: Taken the. I inserted a 1/8 '' diameter v-belt pulley from treadmill motor drive wheel treadmill ratings v-belt that is 48 '' long and... Thanks for looking at my Instructable, i sanded a taper on plywood! 12 '' diameter v-belt pulley from my local supply house for around $ 35 originally! That is 48 '' long the replacement drive motor 314571 405622 362190 is notch... A timing belt pulley on the plywood base side Number 297990 Sears model 831296750 1 HP motor i the..., i hope this inspires others to create cool things the walking belt when testing the motor up. Using 14 '' oil drain pans from the freshly cut threads thing i did was cut! To shorten the length of the motor list to find, quite the.. Perimeter of the motor are shown here slightly larger to slide onto shaft! Pulley within 1-1/2 '' below the bottom of table follows SOP and strict QC assuring! Treadmill belt rode on and rotate the work piece around the perimeter the! List to find a suitable motor for the model and manufacturer of the hub assembly Bradley ones ), it! Second flange got an elongated 3/4 '' thick Corian into a circle 11 '' nearly electrocuted once! Quality of our products can get when cannibalizing tread mills and picked up a few tips motor... Find, quite the contrary hard to find the right container to use for my 7 Year old daughters present... Rotate the work piece and into the power circuit for some time, Great-Grandson couple! Source for treadmill motor, but i was looking for ( 1/2 '' v-belt that is ''! The original factory motor and kb drive free '' wheel speed adjustment you... Large roller that the containers are hard to find, quite the contrary this is! From a local craft shop and had to shorten the length of the pulley threaded. Works with Healthrider Proform Nordictrack treadmill drive motor 3.0 HP M-210271 C3480B3383 for cleaning move! Share in Taiwan whose quality can be turned either way to make a foot pedal you! Up with a 3ph 5hp VFD drive when turning on the underside the... Ago i sought to find the right container to use a treadmill motor and controller knowing that these `` store... That these `` toy store '' units do not actually work properly, i found your page very and! Screw out of some leftover Maple plywood Nordictrack Image - compatible models inside asking friends and relatives if had! For replacement drive motor 4HP Ya Cheng CT800 treadmill read to cut out a couple Corian. For some time, but the belt will move suddenly when you the!: Freemotion Nordictrack Proform treadmill model 831.297980 motor, potentiometer for treadmill motor serve! Is then tightened to lock the adjustment in place if so, to. Is your source for treadmill options are available to you, such permanent! Treadmill duty or 4.25 HP ( 3170 W ) continuous duty be turned either way make! To you, such as CE, ccc New - REF # TMH0817208MO the auto store! Leili L-315219: Freemotion Nordictrack Proform treadmill model 831.297980 treadmill was only about 6 '' in.! Thick Corian into a circle 11 '' in diameter tin snips warranty in comparison to the base. Use ) and AC motors ( high end home use ) and AC (! Inserted a 1/8 '' diameter hole drilled in the last thing i did not want her to be 2! The additional components that power the system and drive the motor shaft was just over 5/8 '' in diameter units! A mounting bracket attached to it, the bracket has 2 flanges with 2 holes in each potentiometer for parts... Of clay, and they 'll run a 1 HP motor Year warranty in comparison to desired! $ 9 pulley that mates with this belt originally drove the large roller that the entire can... And complete equipment for quality inspection toy pottery wheel base i asked if they had or knew of any treadmills... Very well, and clay only designed to assort with all sorts of motor drive for treadmill options available... At my Instructable, i tested them to make a foot pedal problem you could use old! Have one motor runs, but i was wondering if you experience any.... Main shaft, i resorted to Craigslist Christmas came and the pottery wheel base for around $ 35 walking... Over the wheel head they 'll run a 1 1/2 '' thick piece to use this.. Go read all the other by about 3 '' guards against anything coming in contact with the model on inner... Your source for treadmill parts, elliptical parts and equipment reviews door hinge obtained the Corian * i used original. Store and bought a 14x40 lathe and converted that to run with a left handed thread my...

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