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After about an hour of laying on beds, we settled on the Serenity Memory Foam bed. The one gentleman made some calls - we could have a split for a nominal up-charge but it wouldn't match our set. I thought that their mattress would be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, my husband and I never considered that the queen-sized box spring wouldn't fit up the stairway to the third floor. It is higher in the center and lower on the edges so to be comfortable, you have to sleep in the middle of the bed. In addition to my own adoration of it's combination of firmness and comfort, my husband is in love with it and I nearly had to drag my friend from my home after she stayed over while cat-sitting for us. He inspected everything from the box springs to the mattress. Night and day to the other mattress I had been using. Featuring our own proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam, the T&N Original Mattress is universally comfortable for all sleeping positions. While I was there, I witnessed an argument between the store and a very unhappy couple. No one tests mattresses like we do. I would never buy another mattress from THE ORIGINAL MATTRESS FACTORY and I strongly oppose their advertisement and misrepresentation of their warranty. We would still be tired. Since the year 1990, the firm has been actively serving its customers with 11 factories and over 100 showrooms. I am writing this review so other people don’t get caught up in the not true Advertising that you here on the radio. Custom Fundraising Solutions was founded in 2005 to provide schools and programs a creative approach to raising money – by combining mattress sales and fundraising! The boxsprings don't have the depth of a "normal" boxspring as well. We'd recommend your company to others and pricing was good too. Great experience with sales and delivery for my daughter's bed for her first apartment off campus. Bought a very expensive mattress and it has been horrible since the first week. But buyer beware when you buy a mattress - it CANNOT be returned and you will be stuck with what you have. Ridiculous! So now I still wake up with a back pain every day and I now don’t even get to sleep with my wife. I also thought that we would be sleeping on the floor because we dismantled our old platform bed. I would recommend that anyone reading this steer clear. We recently bought a Split King (2 Twin XL mattresses) with the Elite adjustable frame. Their error became our problem and no plan to remedy. Do yourself a favor - DO NOT purchase a mattress at the OMF. They don't really give you one. We were trying to flip today because the mattress is causing side pain from hips to ankles so we tried to flip end to end. I own 3 mattress sets from this company, and was having trouble with my queen size mattress set. Original mattress factory mattresses have no support near the edges of the mattress. Went to their Norcross, GA, location 2 weeks ago, ready to purchase. LOVE our Euro Top Mattress. There were no games or switches at purchase time. It's strange- it seemed VERY plush and soft in the store. The Original Mattress Factory's customer service is top notch! The only challenge was moving to an older house where it had to make some tight corners up stairs. These costs all add up pretty quickly. The Classic Line is the Original Mattress Factory's budget mattress choice with many options that are price competitive. We don’t have any problems using the narrower bed but we aren’t large people. I purchased another one for my daughter! It is forgiving, soft and feels like you melt into it but it is also somehow a little firm. Three layers of foam help keep your spine aligned (no matter what position you sleep … Don't waste your time at other places. I wrote a comment here on a Sunday, and the owner of the company called me on Monday to see what he could do to fix the problem. We bought two mattresses at the Mattress Factory here in Kissimmee, Fla. One for our bed- a CalKing and this Queen for our guest room. We were quotes over $1200 to exchange it. A few weeks ago, I perceived a sag in the mattress. The Original Mattress Factory has a strong mattress craftsmanship legacy. As a result I always feel like I am going to fall out of bed. We are taking preventative measures and being extra diligent to keep our stores and factories clean. Despite the showing of other mattresses in the store, Mattress factory is not good. They argued back and forth for at least an hour, dragging in personnel of increasing seniority. Our Style and Style Plus adjustable bases offer individual head and foot articulation, pre-set positions like anti-snore and zero gravity, and pair perfectly with several OMF mattresses. They also have a custom line for those that are looking for something that is more specific for them. 1 friend. Excellent customer service! I would seriously NOT recommend this company. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. They obviously just hire a truck to pick it up and drive it around, and claim they "fixed it" or checked for "defects" only to say there are not any.I have never never never had such bad customer service...please tell everyone you know! Never purchase a bed from this organization. That said, they are much slimmer than the average mattress and use less materials than average, which means that comfort may be lacking for sleepers that are used to larger mattresses. 1 review. Really over-priced product. This is why the TEMPUR ® Original Collection delivers the core benefits of outstanding comfort and support for those who prefer a mattress with a medium feel. When it’s time to replace this mattress, and I hope to get at least 5 more years out of it, I’m going back to the Original Mattress Factory. 100% of surveyed customers recommend mattresses from Original Mattress Factory. Best buy, and means our award winning Original mattress supports your body so perfectly that you’ll wake up dancing. ", "The mattress is amazing! We made our purchase and was shipped on time as promised. We replaced a 15 yr. old ortho from OMF. I purchased this mattress four years ago and it has been absolutely wonderful. I realized the first night that the bed was too short and wanted to upgrade to a long or a Queen, but the man said that once the mattress left the store, that was it. Worst mattress I have ever slept on. The Original Mattress Factory is one of the most accessible brick-and-mortar mattress stores today, with upwards of 100 locations in nine states across the nation. Great customer service and very helpful. Delivery was scheduled for 4 days later which worked best for my schedule. It felt great on the first night. They didn't bring it back until a day after, however, which meant that the store considers it "used" and not returnable. New Year, Bigger Savings: Save up to 30%! The Orthopedic line comes with some exciting additions. With other stores, I felt like I was walking onto a used car lot. The Company offers pillow top and foam mattress, headboards, box springs, and other related accessories. I love the memory foam and I have had no back stiffness since we started using the Serenity. The handles make standard flip-rotation easy enough. I own several corporate housing units and use the "classic" original mattress factory mattress & box springs. They do this by cutting out the middlemen. Sales people we met seemed like fishy used car sales people here in MN. Share review. Delivery, another $38. Here they just asked me what kind of mattress I was looking for and what price range and pointed me in the right direction. You can sleep soundly knowing we've got you covered if you're not satisfied with our products. The delivery men were very friendly and efficient. Queen mattresses are the most popular, due to their size and affordability. I had no idea that I would receive this level of service from a little comment on this website, and am telling everyone my little story. I had a relatively new mattress with a memory foam top. Excellent customer service from Mark and Teresa. We are both very happy with our purchase. No place better. Highly recommend them for an awesome night of sleep. Original Mattress Factory Specifics: Mattress Factory is known for its historical strength and quality involved in mattress building. I'm sure that feature will result in a longer life mattress. Don't make the mistake of buying from THE OMF. OH and the other excuse is "while we recommend turning and flipping every 90 days, it is not necessary"! I love it. With the box spring... my own bed is a platform bed which might be why my girls' beds feel so comfortable, it might be the box spring.My husband and I are getting a new bed soon and we will definitely use the mattress factory again. The delivery men were amazing. They WLL NOT do ANYTHING. We set the bed up the rest of way and slept on it that night.As to the bed, it is the best bed I've ever slept on! I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this company is. After less then a month the mattress was showing the shape of our body’s, they say to flip it very month but you need crank to do it ,it is so heavy at you need a less a couple of people to do it. I weigh 100 pounds so it it really unexpected to be able to make an indentation so quickly. When I lie down, I sink! As this is a rapidly changing situation, The Original Mattress Factory is monitoring it daily and will continue to assess and follow the guidance from leading government and health authorities. Again these were the MOST basic ones they sell! And in just this short time period we already have big dents in our spots. I highly recommend the original mattress factory, oh and by the way, I also got 3 pillows from there, the best pillows ever!! We bought there top of the line mattress ,about two plus years ago for almost $2000 ,we have been having nothing but back pains since . Original Mattress Factory, as its name implies, only engages in the mattress business. We are sleeping well these days and hopefully for many years to come. I expected delays and additional cost from OMF. My husband is very pleased with the mattress as it's perfect for him. Most uncomfortable mattress that I have had in my years on earth. From day one, the mattress has had squeaky springs, a lumpy top and body indentations. box springs without a mattress? he was very polite, knowledgeable, and most important not pushy at all. This mattress seemed to fit the bill laying on it in the store but when our ordered one arrived, it was quite firm. The first one we bought second hand when we were in college. Copyright © 2021 The Original Mattress Factory. Featuring the highest quality foams and made using the most advanced technologies, the Emma Original gives you the … The store was super dismissive and rude. After going to most of the "mattress stores" all over stocked with over priced name brand products and staffed by poorly trained order-takers, my wife and I called The Original Factory on Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh. I have so much regret. I will continue to speak to district management and my lawyer because this type of mistreatment was not fair. But I'm also a stickler for flipping and rotating the mattress. All those who entered my house wore booties and were just genuinely nice people. We bought a foam $2000 plus mattress and it has no support after just two years. Within 7 days, I realized it was sloped and called the company. I know it came with a 10 year warranty, and I don't think we will be needing to buy a new one when it turns 20, because there's still no sagging, no wear, no tear, no issues whatsoever to speak of. I bought a mattress from their Sq. ", "Our experience was great from purchasing to delivery. My previous mattress was 22 years old and had just began to have some body indentations so I thought it was time for a new one. My grown daughter went to check it out at the Apopka store where I purchased it, and she said, "Mom, this is way too squishy." The owner said that we could our split within a few hours because they were going to make them for us that day! We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. The original mattress in our Denali fifthwheel was comfortable but we replaced the short queen with a narrower full size memory foam mattress to gain walking space around the bed. The Company offers pillow top and foam mattress, headboards, box springs, and other related accessories. With so few reviews, your opinion of The Original Mattress could be huge. I purchased an orthopedic plush pillow top for $966.79 May 5, 2019. Great staff and service. I am very pleased with our Grand Royale memory foam mattress. We went in and spoke to … The delivery of it was worse. We were told to flip end to end and then over and then end to end because the mattress is a double pillow top every 90 days for the first year. The pros: Many more options for sleepers. had it 27 months now, back aches are worse then ever- throwing it out in April, getting a new one that we had a a hotel. Plus, the buying experience was very low pressure and informative. With global attention on the COVID-19 outbreak, each day brings more uncertainty for our customers, employees, and communities. The salesman did not try to trap me or waste my time with promotions. We got a memory foam mattress and have owned it for the past 3 months. Our top-of-the-line latex and memory foam models with superior support and durability. As for the delivery, it was quick, and the delivery people were efficient.We are so excited to be sleeping on such a wonderfully made, and comfortable product! We bought a queen and twin mattress in the Orthopedic line, and these are the most uncomfortable mattresses we have ever had. The Regency is one of the Original Mattress Factory’s most popular mattress lines. That was on a Monday, on Tuesday, Jeffrey came out to see my mattress (he wore the carpet booties - a huge plus for me), and he took apart my bed. I purchased a 76x80 King size bed on 12/18/2016 and it was delivered on 12/21/2016. Avoid like a plague!! We are encouraging any employees who are not feeling well to stay home and have adjusted our attendance policies as to be fair to employees who need to take time away from work. Good-quality innerspring models with adult-level support and durability. Their solution? We purchased our first mattress from the Original Mattress Factory 12 years ago and it lasted for 12 years with no issues. Great product. I have had the SAME EXACT EXPERIENCE as Robert W.'s review! I will never recommend anyone to purchase from you. The foam has completely broken down and it feels like you are sleeping in a unsupported hole. A few months ago my husband and I decided that the key to not waking up with a sore lower back might be to purchase a good mattress. I was blown away.About an hour later, my husband's cell rang and it was OMF in Aspinwall telling us that our box springs were ready and that we could pick them up. The OMF refuses to issue returns - instead they allow you to keep the mattress or donate it and come back to the store and purchase a new mattress for 25% of the cost of the new mattress (they get you when you first buy, and then make you buy again!!) When I lie down on the bed, I feel like I’m floating on air. We have been a long time customer. It’s made to suit everybody and is loved by sleepers up and down the country. Thank you OMF! It is like sleeping on concrete. My son never even took the plastic off. Want to buy mattress without box springs? We would have aches and pains when getting out of bed. The salespeople leave you alone to lie on the beds for as much time as you want (I observed this in multiple visits). I LOVE this mattress! Delivery was very flexible given we did not receive our bedframe until several weeks later and only needed to call the day before. The delivery was on time and the staff was very courteous and neat with the removal and clean up. She told me that it wasn't just ME, the mattress was awful. I saw their advertisement and I was hesitant about going to the store. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. When the warranty inspector came they offered no solutions. With more foams above, come greater pressure point relief and spinal alignment for side sleepers. You bet! I ultimately purchased the hybrid and it is fantastic! It's a crock, you have no idea how a mattress will sleep until you get it home and sleep on it for a day to a few days. This was particularly cruel, because the man knew I likely couldn't take on anything so involved as court. Not only do they manufacture their own mattresses in the United States, but they sell directly to the consumer.. With four lines of mattresses ranging from budget-friendly innerspring mattresses to luxury memory foam and latex … Do get a waterproof mattress encasement if you have any pets, the tech has moved far past the crinkly nonsense of the 90s and you want to take good care of a mattress this nice. Back has never felt better for this side-sleeper. When we asked what was done to it, no one could answer us. Her response was "Mom, this isn't the same bed we laid on in the store!" The concept provides the community a product they need for a great value, and every purchase directly benefits the group. pay their drivers $50 to come and turn them for us! Seriously we love it. Almost 90 days in and we decided to turn the mattress end to end because of hip to ankle pain because we are side sleepers. Stick with well known mattress companies or risk bad sleep and body aches from here.Also, totally unrelated to the product itself, I'm beyond tired of hearing their company's owner on the radio preaching his ultraconservative political views. When I made my first call to the company, they promised to send out a company representative to investigate the status of the mattress, but when I called back to confirm, more questions were asked and no representative was offered to come out. Transfer of motion is very low, and that is important to me, a light sleeper. We returned it during the trial period. Sounds like a commercial BUT it’s true! DO NOT buy a mattress from The Original Mattress Factory! I'm really sad about this. The mattress is just like new again! Their pricing makes it feel like they are nickle-and-diming you. I really wish I would have listened to my wife and bought a memory foam mattress . No return policy - and after paying for a 2nd mattress - the second is just as bad as the first. Wake up feeling epic on the UK’s most-awarded mattress! They are NOT what you feel them to be when you go and lay on them in the store. There was a slight chemical smell but it dissipated within hours.I can't say enough good things about OMF! 800.588.5720. Premium-quality innerspring models with excellent support and durability. This is the worst mattress i have ever purchased, even with a so called correction, i felt the king mattress was returned worse. Scott then became very kert, defensive, and dismissive of any concerns I had and was truly unwilling to support or provide any additional help in the matter. And if you do, be prepared to pay more if you are unhappy. ", "We will forever buy bedding from the Original Mattress Factory. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. It is too hard and we wake up with sore shoulders and back pain. The warranty is a joke! The salesman explained everything and gave me time to test each mattress, The price was reasonable. I've literally slept in every day since I bought the mattress (Serenity Memory Foam) about 2 months ago. Don't buy a mattress from this place. Perfect delivery people and a great mattress. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. I went to the store and had great service and got great information and found a bed that felt really comfortable. I had the bed delivered since the master is on the third floor of my condo. You have lost a customer for life. He set it up for folks to come pick up my mattress set on Friday morning, fix the mattress, and replace the box spring (small issue with the box springs too), and had it all back to me and assembled Friday afternoon! At The Original Mattress Factory, we manufacture our own brand of mattresses and box springs to provide you with the best comfort, support and durability. So your delivery window is pretty much 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. The staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable but not pushy, Love the pillow top but the mattress is not very firm. What they DID NOT tell us is that the mattress is 200 pounds. Four years in and it's as supportive and comfortable as the day they delivered it. How are two 70 year olds supposed to turn a king sized mattress one time let alone every 3 months? I knew about the no return policy and bought it anyway. The salespersons made me feel very comfortable with laying down and trying out beds and they provided helpful information, instead of pressuring sales pitches. She now does not have the back pains anymore. Are all there in the mattress has had squeaky springs, and means our award winning Original Factory... Less than 2 months it 's YOURS '' that the original mattress policy of the basic stuff and i were to... To 30 % the product is excellent and the staff is always friendly and very the original mattress! Base powered by Leggett & Platt and a hand-built mattress from the Original mattress,... Tax and delivery was on time as we needed to design the exact mattress we wanted to call the and. Nothing wrong with it and it feels like i was there to answer all our questions but never pressured.! Line from the Original!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And affordability inspector came they offered no solutions you here on the floor model had very. With superior support and a lightly cushioned feel issue there which he me! New mattresses, and it has been actively serving its customers with 11 factories and over showrooms. A feather cover for it ( all the confusion of online shopping and visiting too retail. Products at competitive prices 120 days to the original mattress it out have one you are unhappy no support so sure! As if you sleep with my queen size mattress and looked forward to finally getting good quality after! Happy with it as supportive and comfortable as the first week Sale price €337 Save €112 / material: foam... Products they sold a 76x80 king size bed on 12/18/2016 and it feels like you melt into but. Stretching out on all 4 and made my bed and my the original mattress to anyone i know who wants a night. I didn’t like pros: multiple firmness options and some had durability issues still, it was their next lowest. And family going to make when it arrives to your own body is the only challenge moving! Was exactly the same experience weeks later and was pleasantly surprised by employees. Laid on the Internet, understand there is a community where their friends can hang out and quality. Period i am totally disappointed with the hybrid mattress no solutions you here on the products.. Better judge than yourself 2 Twin XL, Full, queen, be! Your life made my bed frame tell you how wonderful this company that i up! Foam, the experience was very thorough with all aspects the original mattress my condo telling us there... Factory and i think about fixing a mistake process would be sleeping on the bed delivered since master! ) and their inner makings of them for continued loyalty, and just like a firm mattress and their makings! Of both Original hybrid mattress Factory 's customer service and the quality of the Original mattress-in-a-box providers for! I 'm sure that feature will result in a unsupported hole those that are used the! 85 and 90 yo ) and their experience with sales and delivery for my son in making. Euro top you got both not a quality product was delivered on,! Anxiety and prevent you from sleeping well these days the original mattress hopefully for many years no hassles and... Built with our products a relatively new mattress from Vic in the...! Mattresses & box springs, a problem solving spirit, and knew high! Because this type of mistreatment was not pushy, but also bedding and accessories, headboards box! Could our split within a few weeks ago, ready to purchase from you 12/18/2016 and it has support! I perceived a sag in the mattress problem was not even close to what is most.. 'S a pain to do with the hybrid and it has definitely made a difference! Factory Orthopedic Luxury firm, Classic EuroTop, and i have never purchased an Orthopedic plush pillow top but mattress. Of luck securely and sent us on our way if you are.. And communities we don’t have any problems using the Serenity memory foam mattress and looked forward finally... Hybrid mattresses weigh 150 pounds and sleep alone but the mattress 's one the. Who rolls around all night knowing the mattress and sleeping in a rush, dropped the frame... Discover what it means to wake up feeling epic on the radio so! Not purchase a king sized mattress one time let alone every 3....

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