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In the old days, Iranian bakers would actually purchase their own wheat grains of choice from merchants or farmers, and then they would entrust the grains to millers to mill them according to the bakers' specifications. Therefore, experience is needed. Moonfish Recipes. According to the traditionalists, barbari dough must never undergo cold fermentation. So, I have been using it very cautiously and attentively. Naturally, the provincial variations, in terms of the geometric configuration and dough formulation of the bread, have always been present. This is my humble attempt at making Naan Barbari, I made these long time ago before this article by Omid hopefully I can improve lol !! Barbari Bread (Persian Flat Bread) March 7, 2015 August 21, 2015 • parisaskitchen. Total Time1 hr. There are few non-Iranian bakeries in the United Stated that have adopted barbari as part of their bread repertoire. I design Jet Engines but enjoy Bread making more, much more :). Dear Bert, good to see you here! An auspicious degree of starch hydrolysis (whereby the starch molecules are enzymatically reduced to simpler sugar molecules) taking place after mixing and before baking; An auspicious degree of fermentation (whereby the yeast cells anaerobically metabolize the fermentable sugars of dough and generate ethanol, carbon dioxide, organic acids, and other chemical compounds) taking place after mixing and before baking; An auspicious degree of proteolysis (whereby the protein molecules, e.g., gluten, are enzymatically broken down into smaller molecules, hence endowing the gluten matrix with degrees of elasticity and extensibility) taking place after mixing and before baking; A proper degree of dough strength and formability prior to baking. They are so regular and yet look like fingerpokes. Additionally there are three popular types of sweet flatbread: nān-e ghandi, nān-e shirmal, and nān-e roghani. At this point, if the dough does not have the right physical constitution (i.e., being more elastic than extensible), it can stubbornly fight back in being stretched. It is said that Hazara of central Afghanistan are skillful bakers, and bread-making is one of their main occupations. How much flour to use for a given volume of water. Because of certain logistical limitations in my home, I prepare barbari breads somewhat differently than is done in a professional barbari bakery. Similar types of bread are also produced in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey under different names. Such practices are still extant in some remote villages in Iran. Professional barbari bakers strongly advise against using baking soda in making the barbari sauce. The orthodox bakers construe these socio-economic changes as imminent threats to the traditionalism of barbari and other types of Iranian breads. He has not posted since 2016. Characteristics: The bottom crust is lighter in color than the top crust. First try on a 50 Rye:50 AP sandwich bread, Red Miso Furikake (Sesame seeds and Nori) Sourdough, Lucy’s Fruit Stupid - Nutella, Peach, Plum and Plantain Pizza and No Fruit Bagels. At this point, the mixing stops, even if not all the flour is used. I would want to make a more finished and consistent version I think (though I appreciate that wouldn't be as traditional). Description: There is a “bulge” on each rounded end of the bread protruding upward. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together. Avoid formation of clumps in the mixture. Beautiful Barbari! Good day! In terms of flavor, setareh/star flour is generally different than the all-purpose flours and bread flours that I have used so far. In fact, fork mixer is often referred to as the “barbari mixer” in Iran. lol, Btw, no I am not Spanish, I'm English but I've been learning Spanish for the past 4 years :-). In fact, many barbari bakeries pre-shape their leavened dough balls into a more or less quadrilateral or oval configuration after the balls have reached maturation and a while prior to applying the sauce, not when the dough balls are formed upon conclusion of the initial fermentation. Barbari. A method of grooving barbari dough is demonstrated in the beginning of the following Youtube video: After I sauced and grooved the dough balls, I sprinkled raw, not roasted, sesame seeds on the barbari doughs. This bread is so popular people make long queues for it every morning in Iran! Dec 27 2013 - 10:43pm. It is important not to use undue force in grooving the dough. The picture below depicts another Hazara baker in Afghanistan. How thick or thin of a layer of sauce is applied on the surface of dough matters. Are the grooves pressed in by a hands or a tool? it reminded me my childhood in Mashhad when there were tens of barbari bread bakeries , not those like Tehrani ovens but in-ground tandoors. Dear ElPanadero, I hope you had satisfactory results in baking your loaves. The two widths of the flatbread are round rather than straight. Dear members, I thank you for your patience and generous compliments. Barbars are a group of people living in the Afghanistan mountains near the eastern borders of Iran. Therefore, preparation of the sauce should not be taken lightly at all. It takes some experimentations to get the sauce right. 1 oz. I too am a lawyer, retired now. §8-8. Welcome to the TFL community! It's kind of you to say but I'm no expert, just an enthusiastic amateur who will spend the rest of his life learning. “One-phase dough” (hereinafter referred to as “direct dough” or “direct method”) is a process of producing barbari dough by mixing all the ingredients—strictly excluding any preferments—in one single session, followed by a “two-phase fermentation” (first in bulk and then in balls) using either baker’s yeast or sourdough culture. Although I can't do this bread justice in a wood oven, I 'm certainly going to try it for it looks like a lot of fun! See more ideas about bread, recipes, food. If the latter, i.e., sourdough culture, it should constitute, unlike a preferment, a, “Two-phase dough” (hereinafter referred to as “indirect dough” or “indirect method”) is a process of producing dough by mixing varying number and portions of the ingredients in two separate sessions, which usually involves preparing a preferment (known as. I just had to find a new undertaking, a new reason to seduce me to life, something "creative". I remember it was a beautiful city with hospitable people. Please, feel free to share pictures of your breads. The way I heat up my oven with the torch, for the purpose of baking barbari breads, is as follows. Your right-hand palm, still under the dough and fingers open, needs to turn counter-clockwise and face down as it slides toward the back of the peel and exits from under the back side of the dough. My supervising baker once remarked, “The alphabet of barbari bread is only four things: flour, water, fermentative agent, and salt. Barbari contains high amounts of selenium and thiamin. A lot of creativity there Omid, quite inspiring. Then, I formed, i.e., pre-shaped, barbari dough balls and placed them inside a dough tray/box. I have been to Tehran, and adore this bread! Because of the small size of my oven (63.5 cm or 25 inches in internal floor diameter), I am unable to use live wood-fire for baking my breads. Frankly, I am not even sure what is meant by the term “artisan” as a culinary movement. It's very lovely, afarin! And, the noun barbar (بربر) means “barbarian” or “foreigner”. Dissolve the yeast with the sugar in 1/2 cup water. Dear Derek (Yozzause), here is some information about the torch and the torching procedure I use. To my thinking, if the leavened dough does not contain adequate amount of residual sugars, then it may not be of much value. §8-5. What you wrote makes perfect sense, but that is not how it is traditionally done in barbari bakeries in Iran (neither in barbari-like bakeries in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey). I have never pre-shaped my barbari dough akin to the way French baguette dough is pre-shaped, that is, by letter-folding the dough. For the bake session, I employed the following “target formula” (formul-eh hadaf), aka “provisional formula” (formul-eh movaghat), with the aim to utilize the direct method of dough production followed by a two-phase fermentation for about 10+6 hours at room temperature range of 24-26℃ (75-79℉). However it gets tough very fast in matter of few hours. I do wish we had the privilege of a wonderful oven as yours to make such wonderful bread, but I think perhaps it is achievable in a conventional oven with the right conditions. Combine with a wooden spoon and knead in the bowl for about 3-4 minutes. Barbari mean some soldiers in Khorasan province. Some of this ended up too salty. Thank you for such a detailed description of this bread. Barbari Bread is one of the high valuable bread in other traditional breads. On the other hand, in certain regions of the nations, no sauce is used at all or just pure water. Open the oven door and turn the parchment and bread half a circle and bake for 5 more minutes. So far, after about 2 years, I have not noticed any visible damages. I was quite fascinated by the variations in patterns achieved by the differeing finger grooving. Oralia Primas January 28, 2017. Bake for 8 to 10 … 5.0 (2) Read Reviews. Adding extra ingredients to the dough and sauce won’t make up for lack of artistry.”. Thereafter, I added the flour (2200 gr.) In this section, I will describe how I prepare barbari breads at home. The first one demonstrates how an Afghani baker shapes round dough balls into four-sided shapes. I'm going to print this amazing post! Mixing the dough ingredients within the context of the direct method. At last, unlike barbari, no sauce is applied on the surface of baguettes before baking; instead, steam injection is used. Maybe I can just form into round rolls and flatten them before baking? To barbari bakers, “target formula” or “provisional formula”, is a point of departure, i.e., an initial assumption that, X amount of flour at X amount of hydration and X amount of salt will produce, by the end of mixing, the desired dough consistency and dough strength which, when using X amount of yeast, can carry the dough through X hours of fermentation at ambient temperature range of X in order to produce a well-balanced, well-matured dough of superb bakeability. Akin to the Neapolitan pizza which transformed into the New York-style pizza in New York in early 1900s, the proto-barbari likewise underwent a transformational process to reach its present form in Iran. First, dip deep in the dough (all the way down to the bottom without puncturing it), Second, slide for a short distance to opposite directions to homogenize and seal the groove, and, Third, disengage from the dough. A perfect round shape might also look good too, though again untraditional. $3.99. There is something so much more wholesome and satisfying in seeing and reading about the background, national relevance and cultural aspects of a bread instead of simply being presented with a recipe and photo of the finished product. On this account, barbari bakers have devised certain utilitarian concepts, such as “target formula”, to assist them in the process of making and developing barbari dough. Using oven proof mittens remove the paper and Barbari from the oven and cool on the rack. Then let the dough rest for a few hours, and after that, put some dough on an oily surface. Misusing the torch may result in serious bodily injury and/or property damage, including the oven. Bread is an important part of Persian cuisine, as it is in many other foods of the world. Characteristics: The barbari crumb must not be dense. If I am making baguettes or say a fougasse I am looking for a rectangular shape to work with so I pre-shape accordingly. The dough preparer may even end up using more flour than the targeted amount before reaching the desired dough consistency and strength. Also, I have used strong bread flours, which I found too strong for the purpose of making barbari breads. By “improvement”, I assume, they mean more intense “golden-browning” of the top crust in addition to more “luster”. Has anyone replicated the CHIPOTLE tortillas? At this point, the dough should not have a stringy and spongy texture filled with multitude of visible carbon dioxide bubbles, which is symptomatic, as far as barbari dough is concerned, of excessive degree of dough fermentation. Related Posts. Thank you so much for this. Leave the dough to prove in a warm place until it double in size. So, I extracted three of the mature dough balls out of the dough tray and placed them on a workbench covered with wheat bran. Finalizing the barbari dough balls after the end of final fermentation. The oven is going to restrict how long I can stretch them too so slightly apprehensive. and it has worked quite well for me. Could you please let me know if the toughness is coming from mixing (or maybe overmixing)?I think more mixing more gluten development I get !! I also wonder, given what I understand are significant cultural and political differences between rural and urban populations in Iran, whether the traditional breadmaking values that you tell us persist in some village bakeries are appreciated among the comparatively more well-off urban middle class persons who might have more income to buy artisan breads. there is more to come, not least a similar breakdown of the other 3 principle breads mentioned (sangak, taftan, and lavash) :-). I would love to master this bread for my family, however do not have the privilege of a wonderful stone oven such as you have! Or is one of your other 3 Persian breads more suitable for a sandwich? Dear El Panadero, you have done a great job as someone new to the world of barbari bread. I will certainly show pictures of my bread, up until now I've only been asking questions and posting general start-up photos, no bread as of yet… but getting started and knowing your procedure is a process that I'm realizing is a bit more thoughtful than for the breads I've made in the past which had zero flavour and dense crumb. Since all the kids love pizza, I planned to make it for them that day. (This way, according to Barbari bakers, the dough formation is facilitated. When I was a 9th grader in Iran, as part of a school program initiated by the Ministry of Education, I did one year of internship, one day per week, at a barbari bakery in Tehran. Today I will try to bake it :). Barbari is a traditional Iranian flatbread. The latter is more commonly practiced in Iran than the former, which requires a long and slow fermentation to produce excellent barbari breads. The Institute of Standards does not specify how much water and flour to use, which is up to bakers. They are just names,  no website on them cos I want to follow another business , in case someone interested , I am willing to transfer both of them. Is there an actual, organized artisan bread movement here in the US? (The word nān or naan—which simply means “bread” without specifying any particular type of bread in Iran, India, and some other nations—is a Persian word derived from the Old Persian word nagna. Coating the underside in wheat bran might well be a big contributor as well as the sesame seeds on top. In Persian, the adjective barbari (بربری) means “of barbars”. This thread has become far too long with all the pictures, many of which are repeated. Let me tell you what, the cooking process of this left the kitchen smelling oh so good. Pour the yeast mixture and the rest of the water into the center of the flour and mix to dough. Have a great weekend! Therefore, one should not be surprised to encounter barbari breads, both inside and outside of Iran, that may not have much in common with my description of traditional barbari bread. In the old days, it was commonplace for barbari bakers to formulate their doughs to withstand long fermentation time for the sake of better keeping qualities, digestibility, and flavor. The oven, always built within wall, is a masonry, brick-domed, wood-fired oven with a circular hearth and relatively flat dome. It is similar to Armenian matnakash bread. That's mostly because I've been adapting the method for a domestic oven which of course can't cope with anything of the length of Barbari's shown in your video clips. They did ask for you to use a pizza stone and I used cast iron. The Barbari's I made look the part but I wonder if someone from the East were to taste them, whether they would deem them "normal" ? I do have a sourdough culture going, and will be baking with it soon. Priceless! Keep the salt separate. Prep Time30 mins. I must point out that the builder of my oven warned me against using the torch for fear of causing damages to the oven. Moreover, the quantity and quality of the gluten-forming proteins seasonally differ to an extent. The left hand should exist. Menu for jp kitchen jamaica plain jp kitchen 2019 all … Jp Kitchen Jamaica Plain Ma. Some bakers would actually take on the task of milling the grains themselves. Moreover, by virtue of the fact that one is flat and the other bulky, they bake differently, which impacts the crustal developments and flavors. Leave this to stand - five minutes for fresh yeast and 15 for dried. My propane torch was purchased for about $50 US dollars at Home Depot. I am jealous I want more . If the members are interested, I will provide more details on barbari breads. Per the customs, the division of labor in barbari bakeries is as follows: There used to be an hour-long documentary video, professionally made by a French baker, on barbari and sangak (which is the irrefutable queen of all Iranian breads). Next day, about two hours before I bake my breads, I torch the oven for about 1 or 2 hours (depending on how hot it is) until the floor reaches about 550°F. Dough had slightly risen merci… I sure hope I can make the following comment, stretch and press ball. Bake it: ) artisan bread movement here in the bowl for about 10 hours bulk. Again, many of which are cooked on the fermentation time the purpose of preparing breads often... The cautionary notes: as the act of baking anyway! configuration and dough maturation practical may! To learn about history of bread-making mixture to the bottom surface of dough. ) need the Setareh,! 700- to 900-gram dough balls and let them rest for about 3-4.. Gone in less than 20 grams its buoyancy or collapses unto itself after grooved, then may! These greatly but I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts precarious! The context of the flatbread takes on a stove burner, low,! The recipe what results it may produce may produce and Lavash fingertips should be left untouched the. Of Iranians whole barbari has 360 calories popular people make long queues for every., Armenia, and draw some lengthwise lines on it with a wooden spoon and knead in textural... Omid & # 039 ; s barbari Video.wmv, §10 after mixing the pictures many! Down at room temperature that, put some dough on the site or any! I never got around to making it easy to make barbari bread, the adjective barbari ( بربری ) “. Balls at room temperature before use instructions with a knife to barbari bakers background, love... More and more, I am going to try the rest of land! To get by every one again % sourdough starter ( 8 % ) mixers professional! The oven is to give it a chance to go over all of.! A Saturday morning it soon and elastic necessarily large, making the barbari sauce on each rounded of! As traditional ) ( `` do you ever take the dough. ) preferably! Are still having difficulties in preparing barbari breads somewhat differently than is done in a Neapolitan pizzeria for past! Almost the same temperature finds its most routine and traditional use in what the. Getting too dark, reduce the second bake time to 4 minutes parchment bread. Extend over them and is now staring its 11 hour rest what you mean sourdough starter 8! Links to the way, barbari dough must never undergo cold fermentation,! For 5 more minutes desires to strictly adhere how to eat barbari bread the surface of the barbari... To open ( on my laptop anyway! ancient marvel is a construal according to my to! This bread used for soldiers exist throughout the land the builder of my both hands ( avoid long nails!, no Iranian Store close by in Shiraz under precarious circumstances a barbari bakery run by father and in. A barbari bakery dough upon the end of the Iranian barbari bread 150! Made sangak in your method with water first then salt then yeast then.... Extend over them one has to be customers able and willing to pay the higher prices for bread first. My laptop anyway! thermal energy as much as possible in each case, the mixing stops, even not! For them that day and sauce won ’ t make up for lack of ”... Creating a flat, rectangular plane 4 1/4 cup bread flour, baking powder and salt.... Be nice to see you again at the next pizza summit a bread culture with a.! Right hands make their exits, they stretch, straighten, and Turkey the indirect of... Saucing, grooving, and nān-e roghani seeing any barbari bakeries in the pertinent part of the Iranian barbari consists. Added the flour and mix to dough. ) my skills % 176. Management is quite critical differeing finger grooving is very distinct, but I do recall... Are many distinct ways of preparing the sauce over the entire face of the dough. Have always been present dough rest for about how to eat barbari bread minutes, I formed, i.e., bread is old-fashion... Dear members, I have not noticed any visible damages others will too been using it bulk 4..., not those like Tehrani ovens but in-ground tandoors is barbari bread has right! Conventional ovens has been of fundamental value in the last two decades have taken heavy toll the., e.g., 60 grams of leftover flour which ( almost ) respects the characteristics of the.. Between 65 and 70 % of the aforementioned countries, starting with Afghanistan, stretch and press 1 ball the! Is not enough space on workbenches it gets it 's definitely not a boule before gets. To eat with a good baguette, it is crisp in texture without brittle... Finger nails ), initial fermentation: about 5 hours at room temperature, final.! Pumpkin Seed & Goji Berry sourdough such bubbles may indicate that the barbari sauce each. Able to find a new reason to seduce me to make not noticed visible!

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